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A publication to promote our mission:
"In community, love God, love others, serve both."


Those on our prayer list include: Gary, Bob, Eric, Alan, Rick, Glenn, Butch, Maggie, Carol, Sharon, Georgia, Ed, Pat, Mark,  Connie, Peter, Elaine, Patty, and the Yakub family. Please keep them in your prayers. 

Family Gather Service: 9 a.m.

Godly Play for kids ages 5-10 :
10 a.m. on the 1st & 3rd Sundays

Adult Education : 10 a.m.

Traditional Service : 11 a.m.
AA Men's Group: Meets at St. Catherine's on Wednesday evenings at  7 p.m.

Feb. 3:  Baby Bundles collection, 9:00 and 11:00 am

Feb 10: Camino Pilgrimage Slides, 10:00 am

Feb. 11: Refugee Meeting, Trinity Cathedral, 5:00 pm

Feb. 13: Vestry Meeting, 5:15 pm

Feb. 17: Living Compass Presentation,12:00 pm

Feb. 21:  Quilter's Group meeting, 10 a.m.

Feb. 23: Vestry Retreat at Trinity Cathedral, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Feb. 24: Bon Voyage Pot Luck for Rev. Laurie, 10:00 am


The Rev. Laurie Chappelle,
The Rev. Peter Skewes-Cox,
    Assisting Priest


Charlie Dickinson Sr. Warden
Liz Skogerson, Jr. Warden
Kevin Goss
Gretchen Korver
Carol Lacy
Peggy Manes
Mike Nusbaum
Donna Sanders, Clerk

Prayer Ministry
Contact Joann McKeeman:

Coffee Hour Hosts,  Greeters
& Ushers
Contact Sharyl Milegich:
853-5016 or
Lay Readers
& Eucharistic Ministers 
Contact Anne Towner:
827-3784 or
Altar Guild  
Contact Linda Stetzell:
826-8585 or

11 a.m. Choir
Contact Molly Mitchell: 224-1156

Lap Quilts for Seniors
Contact Amy Heintz: 
851-1026 or

Children's Flannel Blankets
Contact Carol Dyer:  702-496-8595

Episcopal Recovery Ministry
Contact Joann McKeeman:

Newsletter Team
Contact Martina Beatty:
Help a young person with reading skills at our Partner In Education school: Double Diamond Elementary! Please contact Sally Dickinson at 853-7850 or to get involved; you can also l earn more by  visiting the 360Blueprint web site .  This is such an important and rewarding way to be useful to our community. Thank you!
Name Tag
Why wear a name tag?
  • Name tags encourage conversation;
  • Name tags promote an outward focus;
  • Name tags make guests feel more comfortable; &
  • Some folks aren't great at remembering names!
If you need a name tag, please see Rev. Laurie .
You can provide flowers for our  Sunday  services, and  also celebrate someone you love.

Flowers can be donated in the name of someone special for a birthday or anniversary; you can also dedicate the bouquet in memory of someone who's passed on, or to the Glory to God.

On the bulletin board by the coffee pot is a sign-up sheet where you can choose an open date.  The cost is $35.  A check for the cost can be dropped into the collection plate any Sunday with "Flowers" in the memo line.  Thank you!
A group from St. Catherine's meets to talk and make lap quilts, which we then donate to Manor Care, or to someone from St. Catherine's who might need a bit of TLC.  We always welcome anyone who might be interested in learning to make a quilt, or just to be a part of this ministry. No sewing experience is needed, just a pair or willing hands!   Want to help? This month's meeting is Thursday, Feb. 21 at 10 a.m. at the church. Questions? Contact Amy Heintz at, or  Sally Dickinson at 853-7850, or .

February 2019
St. Catherine
St. Catherine
of Siena
Rev. Laurie's Last Message

During the past few months there have been many "lasts" associated with my time here at St. Catherine's with you.  This is my last newsletter message to you.  From the time that St. Catherine's was just a twinkle in God's eyes, we've walked this pilgrimage path together.  In keeping with that, I'm going to use the analogy of pilgrimage to talk with you during these next few weeks.

On Sunday, February 10, between services, I'll be sharing with you again the photos of my walking journey across northern Spain in 2014.  You walked with me on that journey as many of you followed me on Facebook and pledged money toward our mission project for each kilometer I walked.  We've continued to walk together along many paths since our first worship service on February 4, 2007, and right into a new church home two years ago.  We'll continue to walk together.  Because I will be walking a different path doesn't mean that I won't be carrying each of you in my heart and praying for the continued growth of the St. Catherine's community.  You have Rev. Peter to lead you spiritually, and a strong vestry, ably led by Charlie Dickinson as Senior Warden, to lead you forward.  And ... you're in God's hands, as you always have been.  I can't think of a better place for St. Catherine's to be!     

Christ's Peace,

Laurie +
The Rev. Laurie Chappelle

New Mailing Address

We've moved our mailing address closer to home at the McCabe USPS branch:
P. O. Box 17831, Reno, NV 89511

Come Wish Rev. Laurie a Happy Retirement!

Please join us for a pot luck brunch between our services, 10 am to 11 am on February 24th, Rev. Laurie's last Sunday with us.  The Vestry would like you to join us in saying farewell and Blessings to Rev. Laurie on her retirement.  Listed below are pot luck food choices based upon the FIRST letter of your LAST name.

A - F    Savory dish (quiche, frittata, deviled eggs, cheese, etc...)
G - L    Salad (green leafy, rice, bean or fruit salad)
M - R   Sweet Brunch food (donuts, muffins, coffee cake etc...)
S - T    Juices such as orange, apple or cranberry
U - Z    Breads, croissants, etc...

We are coming together to honor Rev. Laurie as our founder and faithful leader these 12 years, and send her off on her world travels with our very best wishes.

Questions? Contact Sally B. Dickinson, (775) 853-7850.
Clergy Transition at St. Catherine's      
By Charlie Dickinson, Senior Warden

Upon Rev. Laurie's retirement on March 1, St. Catherine's will transition to a parish without a rector.  According to the Canons of the Episcopal church, a parish without a rector is under the direction and authority of the Parish Vestry.  St. Catherine's Vestry will oversee the financial obligations and the operation of the Parish until we have a new rector.

As discussed at the annual meeting, St. Catherine's is planning to have the Reverend Peter Skewes-Cox serve as Associate Priest of the parish during the period of March 1 through June 15.  During this period of time, Peter will serve as our pastor, priest and teacher of the congregation and shall make all decisions relative to liturgical matters of the parish.  

After June 15 th , Peter will be taking a long-planned vacation.  By Easter, Peter expects to let us know whether he feels he is ready and willing to be considered for the ministry of Rector for St. Catherine's.

Between June 15 and August 1, supply clergy will lead our services. The process of selecting a new rector will begin after Easter.  At that time, working with the Diocese and Canon Catherine, the Vestry will begin to identify and interview potential rectors.  We hope to have Rector/Priest candidates begin visiting us after Easter, so we can meet and get to know them.  The Vestry hopes to have made a decision by the 1 st of August 2019 as to who our Rector/Priest will be.

During the time of transition, please feel free to contact any of our Vestry Members or myself.  We're here to answer any of your questions.  
The Vestry will be counting on the support of the whole congregation to keep our services and other ministries running smoothly.  

We know we are a strong body of Christ and will emerge only stronger during this period of transition.

New Spiritual Opportunities

"Living Compass"

On Sunday, Feb.17, at 12:00 noon, Carol and Charles Lacy will give an initial presentation about the Living Compass, a program that draws together heart, soul, mind and strength to put you on a path to wholeness and wellness through an increased walk with God.   Come for an hour to see what this new program might offer you and our community. Please contact Carol or Charles at 415-407-6533 or for further information.

"Spiritual Book Group"

You will note a questionnaire on the counter top in our greeters' area regarding a new spiritual book group forming at St. Catherine's.  Headed by Lajuana Bryan and Rev. Peter, the new group will initially meet twice a month for prayer and conversation around a book chosen for its relationship to our spiritual lives.  You are being asked to give feedback on your interests, and options for meeting times.  Please make sure you take a look and give Lajuana your input so that this new offering can best address your needs and desires. Please contact Lajuana at 707-226-6809 or for further information.

New Vestry Members and Delegates Elected

At our Annual Meeting on January 20, two new vestry members were elected:  Charlie Dickinson and Kevin Goss.  Charlie Dickinson has graciously agreed to serve as our Senior Warden for the coming year.  

Three delegates were elected to represent St. Catherine's at our October Diocesan Convention at South Shore, Lake Tahoe: Carol Lacy, Kris McCain , and Georgia Tachoires, with Sally Dickinson and Mike Nusbaum as alternates.   Thank you to all of you who have accepted these important posts!

Baby Bundles

By Ann Crase

"Baby Bundles" is composed of and supported by members of St. Catherine's and Trinity Episcopal Churches.   With items donated by both congregations, volunteers assemble "Bundles" of layette items for St. Mary's and Renown hospitals. They are then distributed by hospital staff to disadvantaged new parents who have little or nothing for their newborn.  Any help with the following items would be greatly appreciated:

  • Diapers
  • Afghans, Quilts, and Receiving Blankets (for boys & girls)
  • Long-sleeved white onesies (sized zero to 6 mos)
If you'd like us to shop for you, monetary donations are always welcome, too. God Bless! 

Questions? Contact Susan Lombardi at 329-2044 or Ann Crase at 356-1155.
Consider Automatic 'bill pay' for your pledge

Some St. Catherine's members have found it very convenient to use their bank's "bill pay" service to handle their pledge to the church.  You can instruct your bank to have a check of a certain amount generated on a certain date, which will then show up automatically each month at the church's P. O. box.  If you're interested in setting this up to save yourself the step of writing checks for your pledge, please talk to your bank or financial institution to find out the details. 

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