• Ready to Work: Graduation will be held on Friday, March 6, 4:00 - 6:00 pm, Krug Event Center, Best Western Sonoma Valley. Come join us and congratulate our teens!
  • Cowboy Cab 2020: Saturday, May 30, 6:00 - 10:00 pm, Hanna Boys Center. Tickets are now available.
  • Be a Sponsor - Be a Star: Our Cowboy Cab sponsors help underwrite the costs of our event, allowing more of the event proceeds to keep our teens smiling.

This is the month we see hearts everywhere: paper hearts, chocolate hearts, balloon hearts, and on and on. But the heart that beats inside of us is the most important of all. So many in this community have a heart for Teen Services and the more time I spend on the job, the more I realize what a special place this is.
At the heart of what we do is preparing teens for work by providing skills and confidence. Beyond that, we welcome them into our hearts, providing a safe place where they can engage with caring adults and with their peers. That's what we have in common with all the organizations in Sonoma Valley who serve our youth, and why it's important that we all keep doing it. By providing different services and different entry points, we work together to ensure that we reach as many teens as possible.
I spend a lot of time in my head - thinking about all the moving pieces required to keep Teen Services viable and thriving. When I step outside of my head and open my heart, I'm filled with gratitude for the people I work with, for the teens who come to us, and for the ability to make even a small difference in our community.
Thank you for your support as Teen Services continues its efforts with heartfelt dedication to our mission.  

Thank you so much,


Last month we offered congratulations to our first LOCA cohort. Following graduation, they completed a satisfaction survey, and the results were exciting.
  • 100% rated the course as extremely useful, gave kudos to the instructors, and would definitely recommend LOCA to other teens.
  • In the self-assessment on particular skills, all students noted confidence in knife skills, increased knowledge of cooking techniques used in a professional kitchen, a good understanding of food safety standards, knowledge of international cuisines and hospitality standards expected of a front-of-the-house employee, and an ability to execute a pastry recipe independently.
A final celebration took place last month at the Glen Ellen Star. Many thanks to Executive Chef Ari and General Manager Spencer for sharing their wonderful cuisine and cooking tips with our LOCA graduates. We so appreciate your generous support. 
Chef Paloma has already welcomed Cohort 2 into our kitchen and will be offering four intensive week-long sessions this summer.

We boasted a record number of graduates in our Fall 2019 Ready to Work class and the outcomes were impressive.
In the self-assessment, students noted great improvement in understanding of the job application and interview process and pay check components, 94% completed their resumes, and 96% of graduates felt that they had the skills and confidence needed to get a job.
The Spring RTW class has started at Sonoma Valley High School and graduation will be held on Friday, March 6 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm at the Krug Event Center, Best Western Sonoma Valley. Come join us and celebrate the teens! 

Ropes course... Escape rooms... Collaborative cooking and art projects... What's all this about?
The RTW course (see above) provides the information and skills that teens need to apply for and secure a job, but we don't stop there. What skills are employers seeking? The 2019 Workforce Development Board noted the need for applicants with interpersonal skills (e.g. communication, problem-solving and teamwork). The vast majority of jobs require the ability to work productively within a team to be successful. That is what Team Up is all about.
Working together, communication, and showing respect for self and for one another is instilled in all of our activities. Team Up is a series of experiential activities that provides a greater focus on the team-building, its importance in the workplace, and the interpersonal skills that employers are seeking. Team Up will launch in April 2020. Read on...

Operation Bicycle has a new sign! Long-time volunteer, Tom Sours, shows off his marketing skills with this new sign outside of Operation Bicycle. Tom already earns top marks working with both teens and customers, but he hopes this eye-catcher will attract even more customers.
In other news, Operation Bicycle is teaming up with the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition to hold an after-school bike club at Adele Harrison. The club will meet after school on Fridays and will cover bike safety, basic bike mechanics, and a ride to a fun destination... maybe for pizza or ice cream?

Cowboy Cab planning underway
We are looking forward to hosting Cowboy Cab 2020 at Hanna Boys Center on May 30. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the event, helping to secure exciting auction items (vacation home opportunity?), or volunteering in some capacity, please contact Joelynn. You can help make this the best Cowboy Cab ever ... plus, there are always cookie bonuses!
Culinary discards needed
All metal, large serving spoons, ladles, tongs, strainers, steamers, whisks, hand crank beaters, spatulas, colanders and graters. These items will be welded together with bicycle parts in a unique sculpture. More info to follow but for now just drop off items at Teen Services, 17440 Sonoma Highway.
Our Wish for the Month
Same as last month... Regretfully our washer/dryer is unable to keep up with demand. We have limited space, but a big need. If you can help us, please contact Joelynn! Thank you!

SATURDAY, MAY 30, 6:00 - 10:00 pm, HANNA BOYS CENTER
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