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Men's Bakery Update 
On November 1, the dough sheeter for the bakery was up and running. This means that Heartline Ministries can now move ahead toward opening the bakery! The sign will be up, and Josh will be training Belah on the cash register. Praise God! 

A Lifetree Adventure Group of 10 arrived on November 9th to serve with Heartline Ministries.

Prayer Requests:
  • The opening of the Men's Bakery. 
  • Tara Livesay as she works toward her midwifery certification. 
  • Junior and Marjorie's upcoming marriage on November 16th! 
  • An extremely sick teen mom who gave birth a few weeks ago. She has been shuffled around between a few hospitals and is still very ill. 
  • Healing for Suzan. 
  • Heartline Ministries as we make changes both in Haiti and the US that will build our capacity to serve. 
  • The persecuted church. 
  • The Harvest Field. 
  • One another.

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November 2013 Newsletter
Hope Realized
by Tara Livesay, Heartline Maternity Center

As we meet with women, some young and some not so young, we often hear stories that leave us speechless. The women of Haiti that we serve have often experienced pain, suffering, and trauma that we cannot easily imagine. One such young woman, "Rebecca" came to us early in her pregnancy.  As Rebecca opened up about her situation we grieved with her over what she had lost and what she still needed to face.  At the tender age of 15, Rebecca had been hurt.  An older man forced himself on Rebecca and assaulted her right in her neighborhood.


The community was upset, the police were notified, and in a rather unusual turn of events in Haiti, the assailant ended up fleeing Haiti to hide in the Bahamas in order to avoid the consequences of the rape. Soon after, Rebecca learned she was pregnant.  The day we heard her story we sat quietly listening to her resolve and her strength and her plan of action.  "It is not the baby's fault that I was forced. I will love this baby," said the incredibly mature young woman sitting with us.


Rebecca came to our program at the Maternity Center faithfully all throughout her pregnancy.  She missed only twice, but both times she let us know she had a counseling appointment and would be absent due to that important prior engagement.  We had the honor of helping Rebecca through hours of labor and eventually welcoming a baby boy into the world.


Instantly Rebecca proved that teen-mothers often have the ability to bond, love, and serve their children every bit as well as an older, more mature mother.  Rebecca's baby grew fast and became a very sturdy little guy. He looked even larger in his Momma's thin arms.


When Rebecca's son reached six months of age we hugged, talked and said our temporary goodbyes on the day she graduated from the program. Rebecca graduated in January of 2013 and asked about going back to school in the future.  We encouraged Rebecca to spend the next six months focusing on parenting her son.  We told her that if she would come back after his first birthday in July, we would discuss school for the 2013-2014 school year.


Just as expected, in July Rebecca came to see us. She held her giant one-year-old baby boy on her hip.  In October of this year she returned to school. Her mother is caring for her son while she presses on toward the goal of finishing high school.  This is no small task in Haiti.  The testing process is difficult and the work load heavy.  From the first day we met Rebecca, we knew she had a unique spirit, one that would allow her to fight the most difficult battles and not give up.  It was clear to us that sending her back to school was the right thing to do.


Heartline doesn't budget for these situations.  When we meet a pregnant woman we are thinking about the immediate health-related needs.  We are thinking about nutrition and vitamins and blood work. We are thinking about education throughout pregnancy and building relationships.  Later we are thinking about emotional support during the difficult hours of labor and delivery.  We are focused on breastfeeding and helping make the immediate connections between mom and baby.  Those things are the core of our program. They are the core of what we do. 

When we enter into these stories with women, we often end up knowing that our commitment to encourage, advocate, love, and serve does not end on graduation day.  


While we don't technically have a "send teen moms to high school" program and therefore had not budgeted for the more than $1,000 in fees to make it happen, we knew that Rebecca needed to be given this opportunity.  We will continue to ask God for direction in the unique situations that He brings to our Maternity Center, and we will continue to ask God to provide for the needs of the women through your generosity and love. If you would like to make a special donation to The Maternity Center, please do so here. Thank you.


Click Here for a tour of The Maternity Center



What is Heartline Foundation?
by Cortney, Donelson, Heartline Foundation

Heartline Ministries has an exciting announcement! You will notice first by the new face of the newsletters and then in the near future, by a unified and energized effort towards fundraising and marketing, that Heartline Ministries has enlisted a new outreach program.


With a mission "to intentionally walk alongside impoverished men, women, and children during their life journeys, meeting critical physical, emotional, educational, financial, and most importantly spiritual needs," Heartline Foundation will be the marketing and communications hub, funding arm, and facilitate the sponsorship program for Heartline Ministries - Haiti, officially starting November 1st. 


The goal of Heartline Foundation is to provide a consistent and standardized approach for communicating the amazing things that God is doing in Haiti through Heartline Ministries. Some of the responsibilities of Heartline Foundation will be:


  1. Update, unify, and improve all media outlets in order for existing and potential donors to understand the mission and various programs supported by their resources. This includes the Heartline Ministries' website, Facebook page, monthly newsletters, donor communication, and marketing efforts.
  2. Enhance the current Sponsorship Program and then extend the program to include sponsorship opportunities for additional school children, orphans, and the various Heartline programs serving men and women.
  3. Develop and implement effective outreach and fundraising strategies in order to position Heartline Ministries for financial stability, growth, and future success. Initiatives may include customized mission trips supporting the Heartline Programs, national concert benefit tours by current and rising Christian artists, as well as other regional and national events.


The Executive Director of Heartline Foundation is Frank Verdi, a former multi-business owner who has spent the last year traveling to Haiti to serve in various capacities, including with Heartline Ministries. His heart for the poor is evident by the passion he brings and the way he seeks out God's purpose in everything he does.


In addition, Heartline Foundation is currently searching for donor development candidates all over the United States in order to assist with fundraising efforts. If you would like more information, please contact Frank Verdi at frankverdi2@gmail.com.


Heartline Foundation looks forward to partnering with the Heartline Ministries' staff and supporters in order to position the organization for continued success in 2014 and beyond.  We are excited about what God has in store for Heartline Ministries - Haiti!



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As always, thank you for your continued prayer and support of our ministry. 
Thank you for working with us to stand in the gap for our Haitian brothers and sisters.

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