A Note from Scott and Marsha
June 10, 2021
I love June. I love how the temperature is more consistently warm. I love how the perennials and annuals are bursting with more and more blooms. Scott and I returned from a week's vacation to our Coneflowers and the Shasta Daisies showing off. It's such an optimistic feeling when everyone in the lawn is happy including my tomato plants that are producing!  

Confession time. We planted a ton of new trees and shrubs in our backyard. Y'all, it's not easy even for those of us who take care of green for a living. We planted an Eastern Redbud and that thing shriveled up and died. We have 7 Loropetalum we planted and one is misbehaving. Scott said, "This makes me have renewed empathy for our clients. It isn't always easy when you have one or two things that for no apparent reason will not survive or perform." I always think to myself we could just install silk trees, but they seem to lose their color in the sun too quickly for me. LOL!  Sometimes, even professionals need help.  

Help. Let me tell you what this word means to me today. We call the first day back after vacation Re-Entry Depression Day. The first day unfolds with what might be broken, the repair bill(s), who may have quit, what was on fire, who is upset, etc. etc. Yes. It's called Re-entry Depression Day for a reason. Fortunately, we have a really great team that hides everything from us so we can actually relax and we are grateful for that.  

Today, the details unfolded. But in the middle of it all, a story was shared. Let me introduce you to Josh Nelsen. I have known the Nelson family for about 8 years. His mom and I met through our daughters when we both homeschooled and participated in a local theater program. Yes, I homeschooled for four years and that is another story for another time. I met Josh when he was like 11 or 12, just a little guy actually.  

In spring, the Garden Center hired seasonal staff. Our son, Spencer, was working The Potting Shed and walked by Josh, both of them masked. They pass and turn around. "Josh?" "Spencer?" They were both also in Youth Group together at our church and immediately recognized one another.  

Fast forward, Josh has been amazing at the Garden Center and up for any task given. But this task was not given to him. This was of his own accord. An elderly customer arrived and was struggling a bit walking, particularly on our terrain. Josh spotted him and served over and above. He recognized the problem, solved the problem and next thing you know, Josh is driving the customer on the golf cart and helping him shop for shrubs and flowers. But I doubt the customer expected it. But I am certain he felt cared for and maybe a bit surprised and loved on. This made me so proud to hear and equally proud to know his parents. This is the character of a young man that cares and I'm so proud of him and his parents. Because parenting is HARD. Am I right?  Josh is pursuing his degree in Sustainable Development in Agro-Ecology. I need to figure out a way to grow something to keep him :)  

We love our plants and when given the opportunity, we enjoy loving on our customers. I think I'm gonna start showing up at the garden center limping in hopes they pull me around in the little red wagon.  Then I can pile all my plants on my lap and be even closer to their blooms!  

The Ritz has nothing on us. We have atmosphere, green things and hearts of gold. Yes, real hearts as well as your redbuds :)  Hopefully we see you this week AND Saturday night for our outdoor concert featuring Wildflower and the Weeds! How appropriate, right??!!!!  
THIS Saturday, June 12
6PM -9PM

Performing Live!

The Potting Shed will be open and Off the Hog food truck will be here! This is a ticketed event. Click here for more information and to order tickets!

Please note: The Garden Center will operate NORMAL HOURS (9am-5pm) and will NOT be open during the concert.
Nepeta, commonly known as Catmint, is a beautiful mounding perennial that blooms delicate lavender flowers from early summer through the fall. While Catmint has similarities to Catnip, it is not the same and not as desirable to cats. We have a few varieties in stock including Little Trucy, Cat's Meow, Walker's Low and Whispur Pink that range in size from 8-10 inches all the way to 24 inches. Nepeta should be planted in full sun, and BONUS: it's deer resistant.
If you want to grow a gorgeous tiny tree in your house, consider a Jade plant. It may take a while, but the succulent-like Jade plant has a growth-habit that is very tree-like. Treat it like a succulent and only water when soil is completely dry. Place it where it will receive bright, indirect light.
Oakleaf Hydrangea are a little extra special. They offer interest in all four seasons. In spring, you will enjoy watching the dark green foliage unravel and grow into beautiful large leaves. In late spring to early summer, white cone-shaped flowers will delight you. In fall, depending on the variety, you will enjoy reds, purples, oranges or golds. Some of those colors will last into winter until they drop their leaves and reveal a peeling, lovely brown bark. Plant where they will receive protection from afternoon sun if possible.
Potting Shed & Food Truck Schedule
The Potting Shed
Friday 12-4:30p
Saturday 12-4:30p
Sunday 12-4:30p
If we have inclement weather, we will close The Potting Shed, so make sure to follow our social media (Instagram or Facebook) for updates!

Food Trucks
Off the Hog
Saturday, June 12, 11AM-3PM
Enjoy good old-fashioned traditionally smoked meats. YUM!
Succotash specializes in gourmet Southern Cuisine with a twist. Enjoy sandwiches or plates with delicious side dishes!

Meet Josh Nelsen!
Role: Garden Center Associate
Started at FGS: March 2021
Ice Cream: Mango Sunset Slush
TV Show: Regular Show
Plant: Rhododendrons (cause they remind him of the mountains...awww!)
Last Book Read: Capitalist Realism, by Mark Fisher
Food: Sweet Potatoes

Josh really is the star of this week's newsletter! He joined us this spring as a Plant Loader/Waterer. Josh has a stellar attitude every day and is a great listener. As you read in the story, he will go above and beyond for our customers which we (and they) really appreciate. Although Josh tentatively plans to return to school in the fall, we plan to enjoy as much of his time as he will allow us!
Refreshing Your Summer Plantings
Saturday, June 12, 10AM-11AM
10 Ways to Refresh Your Baskets and Containers in Summer
When your pots and hanging baskets begin to look tired, give them some much needed attention to get them through the summer! Your plants will thank you and pay you back with healthy growth and more blooms!
Fee is $15.00 (includes class and a 4-inch annual)
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Propagation Station 102
Thursday, June 17, 6PM-7PM
Interested in advanced techniques of multiplying your plants? We’ve got you covered! In this second level course we will cover methods like leaf cuttings, air layering, and division in a more advanced overview of propagation techniques. We will go over the ins and outs of how to keep your propagations alive and how to transition them to their final growing medium. Cuttings/materials will be included in price of ticket.
Fee is $15.00 (includes class and clippings)
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Presenter: Joey Pierce, FGS Plant Coach
Plant Tip of the Week:
Time to Repot?
Since houseplants are in their growing season during the summer, it is an excellent time to repot your houseplants. But don't repot just for the sake of repotting. Many houseplants love to be rootbound and will do fine in the same pot for years. If you're wondering whether it is time to repot and need tips on what to do, read this blog post for more information!
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