Board of Directors

Kim Cahill
Mary Galeone, RSM
James Kopp
Arthur C. Lange
Jeanne Marconi, M.D.
Mary Theresa McCombe
Ellen McGlynn
Paul McLaughlin
Greg Spero
Debbra Stolarik
Diane Vezza
Laurie Wilson
"These are young adults who have faced obstacles their whole lives. If we can remove any obstacle and help them on the road to success, that's what we are going to do."

- A Hearts to Homes Donor


What an amazing launch we had, and it was all because of you! 

In November, we launched our partnership with Catholic Guardian Services, helping four of their young adults with apartment essentials. As of today, three of the four have had their essentials delivered. Our final young adult is awaiting some repairs before she can take occupancy. All of her apartment essentials are packed and waiting for the day she gets the green light! 

Furniture deliveries have been made or are in the process of being made. These apartments will look very different at the end of December than they looked at the beginning of December! What a joy to be able to help during this holiday season!

To give you a sense of what you helped us accomplish, when Hearts to Homes was first launched in Spring of 2016, we helped our first four young adults. It took us about three weeks to complete that campaign. This time, we also helped four young adults, and the campaign was completed in 11 days! Your donations broke records!

Please continue to watch our Facebook page for updates and for future campaigns. Visit our website to make a donation, as we are always preparing for our next campaign. These young adults, who are aging out of foster care, are very appreciative as they make their transition to independence! Your support makes our work possible. 

From our Hearts to your Homes, we wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Happy Kwanzaa or just plain happiness! May all your hopes and dreams for 2018 come true!
Thank you in advance for your support of Hearts to Homes and the young adults who benefit from our program!

Mary Theresa McCombe
Executive Director
Hearts to Homes Furnishings, Inc.
51 Lindbergh Place
Yonkers, NY 10707