August/September 2011 

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Eve is still looking for a great home!  Please spread the word and call if you'd like to meet her!
Dear Friends,
I hope that you have had a fantastic summer!  Judging by the numbers of dogs and cats that have been joining us for boarding and Puppy Play Group, many of you have had some time to get away and hopefully unwind.

In fact, our Puppy Play Group and boarding have been so busy, we have again added more staff to keep up with the demand and make sure that everyone is taken care of to the highest standards.

We'll be updating our website in the next few days, so you'll be able to see pictures of our new team members.

We have a few more updates for you, so be sure to read the short articles below!

With warm regards, Sabine Ellis


Immiticide Heartworm Treatment is now unavailable!
As some of you may have heard, there has been a shortage on Immiticide, the drug used to treat heartworms in dogs, for a while now.  There has been a production issue and eventually stock of Immiticide would be used up and the drug would become unavailable.
We have now been informed by Merial, the only maker of Immiticide, their stock has been completely depleted.  It is unclear when Immiticide will be available again, but it will likely take several months if not longer.

To be clear, there is no other approved treatment on the market that is as safe and effective as Immiticide.  We are being advised to treat Heartworm positive dogs on a case by case basis by supporting them and minimizing damage to their bodies while we wait until Immiticide becomes available again.

In light of this information, it is more important than ever to give heartworm prevention medication every single month!  If you have trouble remembering, go to  to sign up for a free email reminder. 




5 Reasons to buy flea and heartworm preventatives at Crescent City Veterinary Hospital



You have come to trust our doctors and staff at Crescent City Veterinary Hospital to take care of your beloved pet as if they were our own. We will always recommend what we believe are the very best products available at the time.

2)Manufacturer's Guarantee

Prescription preventatives are only backed by a manufacturer's guarantee when purchased from a licensed veterinarian. Online pharmacies may offer guarantees but these are not from the manufacturer because their products are not purchased directly from the manufacturer.


Our products are available for pick up the same day. There is no waiting in line, no waiting for the pharmacy to contact the veterinarian for authorization. You can call and pre-pay on the phone and we will make your product available for after-hours pick up. We will even mail your preventatives to you at no extra charge with no minimum order amount.

4)Support your local economy

With your purchase at Crescent City Veterinary Hospital you support a local small business and the local economy.


You will save money. We work hard with our manufacturers to offer the highest quality products at very competitive prices. Below see a price comparison done on August 31, 2011. You could save over $30 on a 12 month supply of Sentinel and Comfortis for a 60lb dog by buying at Crescent City Veterinary Hospital.



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* take off an additional $10 with a manufacturer's rebate available at CCVH


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