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February 6, 2018
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Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring offers the convenience of reviewing environmental data from a remote location, offering businesses a modern approach to facility management. Remote Monitoring helps prevent your company from experiencing issues that can otherwise be avoided. It offers better protection against threats, reduced costs and improvements in productivity. Other benefits include:
  • minimize downtime
  • increased security
  • reduced TCO
  • increased efficiency
  • better maintenance
  • increased productivity

Remote monitoring offers a convenient solution to data center management and provides an overview of room conditions. All measurements are logged, allowing users to collect data for trends and capacity management.
Monitor & Track Critical Environmental Points
Environmental factors like high heat, humidity and moisture can pose a severe threat to your IT equipment and infrastructure. Minimize these dangers by incorporating a network of sensors that alert you when any potential threats are detected. These sensors measure environmental elements including temperature, humidity, airflow, light, sound, power and water detection.
Users can observe facility conditions from a web interface that displays live video surveillance as well as environmental measurements. Users can also set up to receive email, text message, or voice call alert notifications when the environmental sensors detect a problem or reach a certain level. 
Consider these options for your facility:
Wireless Sensors
Wireless sensors and range extenders allow you to monitor your facility for environmental changes and to fine-tune the environment remotely. Data from wireless sensors is displayed on a web interface accessible from any browser or mobile device. Email alarm notifications can also be set up to provide trending information to help pinpoint potential trouble spots. An open protocol approach streamlines communications and allows for easy integration into larger systems. 

Plug-N-Play Sensors
Integrated sensors measure temperature, humidity, dew point and airflow and provide real-time values and feeds data back to the unit for data logging and alarming. These sensors are instant plug and play with standard RJ-12 jacks.

Analog and Dry Contact Sensors
Analog and dry contact sensors can measure door position, water and smoke. A door position sensor helps you keep track of whether the data center doors are opened or closed. Consisting of two main components - a magnet and a switch with terminals connecting the signal wires - this detects whether the door is opened or closed. This sensor can be easily hooked up to I/O ports so that it can relay information about door position. 

Monitoring Accessories
Items like DC power supply, Power over Ethernet (PoE) splitter, 5-port splitter and auto-dialers expand the capabilities of the monitoring products above.

High heat, humidity and moisture can permanently damage expensive IT equipment cause data loss. Monitoring options can help ensure your facility is operating under optimal conditions and meeting energy efficiency goals. To discuss the best solutions for your facility, contact Titan Power today for a free consultation.
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