Heat's On 2016 - Recap
Saturday, October 8, 2016
Our 2016 Volunteers  guarantee  that it may be cold outside - but baby, it's warm inside! 

Due to all the extraordinary efforts of our volunteers, the 29th Annual Heat's On Program was another huge success! There were 54 homes of area Veterans that were  checked and are now ready for the upcoming winter!
Thank You to all of our truck providers!!
Local #601 Representatives
We would like to thank the companies who provided trucks: 

Thank you to our Supply Houses and Raffle prize donors!
We would also like to thank the following supply houses who supported the program by not only helping restock truck parts but also provided amazing raffle prizes:

Homes Serviced in 2016
We worked with the   Dane County Veterans Service Office (DCVSO), as well as divisions of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). They helped connect us with deserving veterans including: disabled veterans, veterans of Operation Endurance and veterans of Iraqi Freedom. This was the second year we have worked with these organizations and we feel it's a wonderful collaboration. We would like to say a special Thank You to Lisa Vining, from DCVSO, for attending this glorious event.
Gaylord's Catering   Showed Their Support!
Once again Gaylord's Catering provided a delicious, hearty breakfast.  They have been with us since the beginning and their steak and eggs start the day off like no other.
Heat's on Day!
Mayor Paul Soglin acknowledged the  importance of this event by proclaiming Saturday, October 8th, 2016 as:

"The Best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
- Mahatma Gandhi

 We are grateful to everyone who took part in Heat's On 2016
HEAT'S ON 2017
Heat's On 2017 - Saturday, October 6, 2017
Thank you for your continued support of this amazing program.  Without your involvement, it would not be possible.
See you next year!
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