Heatco News - August 2020
Stacked Line Of Drum And Tube Heaters

Heatco has doubled its HE/HF Drum and Tube capacity by offering double-stacked heat exchangers. We now offer packaged units up to 10 Mbtu input.

Click below for more information on our double-stacked HE/HF offerings:
X2 Packaged Racks In Series Now Available

The X2 Packaged Racks offer up to a 180°F temperature rise and increased capacities. The "X2" stands for two single racks - placed in series - that are built, piped, and wired as one large rack system.

Often, the X2 arrangement is a better fit into AHU designs. Click below to access the X2 Packaged Rack drawings and specifications:
Expanded Line Of EF 90+ Drum And Tube Heat Exchangers

Heatco now offers the EF1750 and EF2000, which effectively increases the EF line's output capacity from 1,485 MBH to 2,000 MBH.

Click below for drawings and more information:
Product Lead Times

Heatco now provides estimated lead times on all products - directly from our website! Accessed by navigating to FAQ -> Product Lead Times from the website menu, or by clicking here, these lead times are updated every Monday.
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Heatco is now ETL, UL, and Mass. approved on our complete product line. Click below for more information.