US Dressage Rider To Endorse TheraPlate  Revolution Therapy Platforms


Wellington, Florida, USA. March 23, 2015


Pan American dressage team gold medalist Heather Blitz has today announced a new sponsorship with the Texas based company TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms. Blitz will endorse the product, which she has found to be an extremely beneficial addition to her horse's management and soundness.


"I see a huge difference in my horses from using TheraPlate. They are happier and more willing in their work. It really balances my overall wellness program for them and ensures much greater soundness longevity," observed Blitz. 


TheraPlate applies Active Proprietary Vortex Wave Circulation Stimulation Technology used for injury prevention. It counters chronic inflammation conditions and speeds healing on average by half the time.  TheraPlate reduces major causes of most pain and will not injure or aggravate existing injuries.  It effectively increases bone density and muscle mass, thereby increasing joint mobility and flexibility as well as reducing the need for joint injections. 


Chip Kreiling, Founder and Owner of  TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms commented: "TheraPlate is all about helping horses and people. We are pleased to support a top equestrian like Heather Blitz.  The fact that Heather raised Paragon from a foal and trained him to become an Olympic Grand Prix horse, shows the kind of dedication, talent, and commitment she has as an equestrian. Those qualities in a rider match the dedication and commitment that TheraPlate shares as a company.  We are proud to be a part of Heather's program and wish her continued success with Paragon, her rising star, Ripline and all her horses."




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Heather with Paragon on the TheraPlate Platform


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