We know that so many people are going through a challenging time right now so it's always good to get a bit of good news. Today we are happy to report and are encouraged by the fact that there have NOT been any child vehicular heatstroke deaths so far in 2020.

Please update your calendars to reflect the new date for National Heatstroke Awareness Day. (originally scheduled for May 1st) This event will now take place on July 1, 2020.

In the past two years, more than 100 children died of heatstroke because they were left alone or became trapped in a hot car. Safe Kids Worldwide, KidsAndCars.org , Jan Null ( noheatstroke.org ) and the National Safety Council have come together with many other partners to help eliminate these preventable tragedies and we’re asking you to join us. 

We have created a monthly newsletter ( view the April newsletter here ) that includes sample social media posts, trends, resources and personal stories that prove this tragedy can happen to anyone. It will provide all the information that you will need to stay informed, take action within your community, and help us ensure that no family has to endure the loss of a child to heatstroke in hot cars.

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Working together, we can prevent these tragedies and keep families safe.