April 2018 Newsletter

Happy Earth Day!
Dr. Raymond Kwong
Heavy Metal Zebrafish

Degradation of water quality due to anthropogenic contaminants is a pressing problem worldwide, and there is an increasing public concern over the effects of elevated level of metals and metal nanoparticles on aquatic ecosystems. 

Ion transporting cells on larval zebrafish skin
At the Kwong Laboratory at York University in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Raymond Kwong and his research team use zebrafish as a model organism to understand the fundamental mechanisms that regulate ion and metal homeostasis in fish and to identify genes or molecular pathways that underlie the effects of metals/metal nanoparticles on physiological functions. 

Have You Met Lou?

Aquaneering is pleased to introduce Lou Ristic as our new Eastern Region Sales and Technical Support. 

Lou comes to us with an educational background in veterinary technology and exemplary professional experience in the laboratory animal research industry. Lou has taken a number of leadership roles in the industry, including President of the New England and the Metro New York branches of AALAS. Notable among his many professional awards is the first ever Vendor Excellence Award presented to Lou by the New England Branch of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science in 2017.

While working in the animal research industry, he became intrigued with a growing trend towards using aquatic animals, namely zebrafish, in scientific research, and he followed with particular interest the rise of zebrafish as a primary animal research model. He was excited for the opportunity to work at Aquaneering, supporting the aquatic research community, and we are happy to have him. Welcome aboard, Lou!

Lou will be manning the Aquaneering table at the AALAS Quad Symposium so be sure to stop by and say hello!

And speaking of the Quad Symposium...

It's a bird!  Nope!

It's a plane!  Wrong again!

It's the AALAS Quad Symposium on April 25 - 26 at the Foxwoods Casino!