Heavy Rain Expected Tonight (1/28)
Clear Debris from Outdoor Activity Space/Gutters
Dear Business Owner, 

With the possibility of heavy rain tonight, January 28, and into the weekend, please take a moment to check that the gutters immediately adjacent to your outdoor activity space(s) are free of debris that may hinder water flow. It is important that normal flow of rainwater is maintained to minimize the risk of flooding. Additionally, please ensure that curb line is debris free and that entrance and exit points are also clear. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Outdoor Activity Permits Have Expired

REMINDER: All business owners are required to submit updated information to the City of Long Beach and receive a Outdoor Activity permit. If you have not done so already, please submit the Outdoor Activity Permit Application to SEF-Permits@longbeach.gov.
There are several loan and grant options available that may be used towards parklet modifications. For more information on these programs, please visit the COVID-19 Business Support Page.