With winter heating season in full gear we need to take a few minutes to help keep the heat on during those cold days and nights. Here’s a few tips that might help.
  1. Clean Filters. Clean and replace your filters regularly to improve your heating and AC's efficiency by up to 15 percent. A clogged filter can cause a overheating problem that could end up shortening the life of your heat exchanger causing toxic carbon monoxide to enter your home and endangering your family.
  2. Remove Obstructions. Your heating and AC units should be clear of all obstructions to ensure proper air flow. A good rule of thumb is to maintain a 3’-5’ clear space around your furnace for better air flow.
  3. Fans. Run your ceiling fans to push the warm air that at your ceilings around the room for winter.
  4. Help the System Out. Keep all objects away from heat registers and air vents
  5. Temperature. Upgrade Your Thermostat to a programmable model
  6. Hire Regular Maintenance. Schedule yearly checkups
  7. Monitor humidity levels. Keep your humidity up in the winter, when your air is dryer it causes problems for both house and humans.
Stay safe and warm. And as always when that old furnace just can’t take the heat any longer we are here for all your permitting needs. Call us at 248-583-0831