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Dearest Peoples!

Happy Black Friday! It feels like it's been forever since we sold you guys anything! We've had these in the cannon for a while now and been wanting to get them out to ya, so here we finally are :) What better way to kick off the holiday season than to snag some killer splits between Heiress and a gang of their buds for you or some of your buds? 

This project required many components to come together, but thankfully it all happened, and pretty efficiently! All artwork direction, design, printing, cutting, folding, gluing, etc was done by Demian Johnston of Great Falls. Thanks Demian! 

So lets jump right in and get the info...

Heiress / Earth Control 
split 7"
Side A
1. Heiress - Old Smoke
2. Heiress - Distant Hold
Recorded  w/Tad @ Witch Ape Studio
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek

Side B
1. Earth Control - Poison / Cancer Walk / Abysmal Meanderings
Recorded w/Rusty Graeff
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek

Pressing info
573 Pressed
- 25 Test Presses
- 110 Clear
- 110 Clear w/Black Splatter
- 328 Half Clear / Half Black

Heiress / Great Falls 
split 7"

Side A
1. Heiress - Last Nail
Recorded w/Tad @ Witch Ape Studio
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek

2. Great Falls - Sigwalt
Recorded w/Jeff McNulty @ The Killroom
Mastered by Phil Petrocelli @ Sound Soultheft Labs

Side B
No Audio / Etching

Pressing Info
572 Pressed
    - 25 Test Presses
    - 107 Black
    - 110 Smoke
    - 330 Clear

Heiress / GRVR 
split 7"

Side A
1. Heiress - Restless Aim
Recorded w/Tad @ Witch Ape Studio
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek

Side B
1. GRVR - The Pivotal point In Prayer (From God To Self)
Recorded by Alex Jacobelli @ Sunsick Studio
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek

Pressing Info
510 Pressed
- 25 Test Presses
- 100 White
- 110 Clear w/White Splatter
- 300 Half Clear/Half White

There's the release info, below you can find links to order these great beasts in various packages and what not! 

Heiress Split 7" Series  
Ultimate Preorder Package Deal
This is the real deal deal for those that have been waiting for us to get these suckers out to ya. Each color of each split, so 9 glorious 7" slabs in one shot. Plus you save some skrill AND we'll toss in the CD version for free which collects all of the Heiress tracks from the splits, plus a gang of other material spanning back to their demo - 15 tracks in all! I think you know what to do, so, just do it. 
- Split 7" w/Earth Control ALL 3 COLORS
- Split 7" w/Great Falls ALL 3 COLORS
- Split 7" w/GRVR ALL 3 COLORS
- Restless Aim CD /500

Split 7" w/Earth Control
You love Earth Control. Well, nobody can blame you there! This package collects all three colors of their split in this series with Heiress. Prove your love. 
- Clear Vinyl /110
- Clear w/Black Splatter /110
- Half Clear / Half Black /328

Split 7" w/Great Falls
You are particularly keen on Great Falls. Many people are. Those people have excellent taste. This package will include each color from their split with the Heiress crew.  
     - Black Vinyl /107
     - Smoke Vinyl /110
     - Clear Vinyl /330

Split 7" w/GRVR
And you, you prefer to snag all the GRVR joints. Again, there is no wrong answer since all the bands kick so much ass. If you want some GRVR, we'll git it to ya :) This package includes all three colors of their split in this series. 

- 100 White Vinyl
- White w/Clear Splatter
- 300 Half clear/Half White

Splits a'Plenty!
If you are the type that doesn't want to dive in for a package deal, you can grab one of each over at the store. We won't MAKE you buy them all!! Here's a link to the preorder page in the store, grab whatcha like!

And all of you folks out there that spend your days exclusively streaming and/or downloading music, you can find the band on Spotify HERE, Apple Music & iTunes HERE, and Bandcamp HERE

So there you have it folks! Get in touch with any questions and please spread the word to all you think might be interested. Thanks so much, as always, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! <3

Lindsay & Joel