Helena College by the Numbers
Helena College by the Numbers is brought to you by the Office of Institutional Research. The purpose of this periodic newsletter is to share a few selected data points along with some brief analysis to show how institutional data informs decision-making, measures progress on goals, and demonstrates student success. Comments, suggestions and/or questions are welcome and encouraged!

Core Theme Three:
Strengthen the Community

The College's first objective for CT3 is to be
responsive to regional workforce needs.

One of the most important measurements of responsiveness to regional workforce needs is the feedback we receive from employers in the community and across the region who employ our graduates. Anecdotally, we know that employer partners who hire our graduates have been consistently well satisfied with the skills and training our students bring to the workplace. Efforts are underway to better document this feedback through formal employer satisfaction surveys and program advisory board recommendations that result in improvements to curriculum and instruction. Last year, Continuing Education began capturing employer feedback on customized trainings offered by the College, achieving a 100% satisfaction rate with the delivery and quality of these trainings. Surpassing the goal of 70%, this outcome is even more impressive considering that in FY16 the CE program offered 13 customized trainings to employers in the community, the highest number to date.    

As of fall 2016, due to the need to improve collection and documentation of data for these indicators Helena College did not achieve the minimum threshold for demonstrating mission fulfillment for this objective (Current score= 0; minimum threshold score= 1.2).

The College's second objective for CT3 is to serve as a facility and cultural resource for the community.

The average number of community meetings/events hosted on Helena College's campus over the past three years, below the target of 58 (a 5% increase over the baseline average in 2012). These events brought an average of more than 1,800 visitors from the community to our campus. This is a critical form of outreach since many folks in the community have never set foot on our campus. Thanks to extensive improvements to our facilities in recent years and the high quality of service provided by our staff, our visitors are usually quite impressed.

Number of formal events sponsored by the College open to the community on average over the past three years surpassing the target of five. Examples include open houses, such as the upcoming Helena College Day at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds on April 21, exploratory campus tours for local middle school students, our library's participation in the Big Read, a community based reading program of the National Endowment for the Arts, and cultural festivities like the Chinese New Year. These events attract an average of close to 700 participants each year.

As of fall 2016, Helena College achieved the minimum threshold for demonstrating mission fulfillment for this objective, with one out of two indicators exceeding their targets. (Current score= 2; minimum threshold score= 1.2)