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Helena College by the Numbers
Helena College by the Numbers is brought to you by the Office of Institutional Research. The purpose of this periodic newsletter is to share a few selected data points along with some brief analysis to show how institutional data informs decision-making, measures progress on goals, and demonstrates student success. Comments, suggestions and/or questions are welcome and encouraged!

Given the upcoming site visit by NWCCU, our regional accreditor, the focus of the newsletter this spring will be on data related to our overall mission and three core themes.
Core Theme One: Provide Access and Support
The college's first objective for CT1 is to make sure we are providing appropriate access to lifelong learning opportunities for our community.

1,471 Students
Average fall enrollment over the past three years. This falls short of our target (1,550) but remains above the ten-year historic average (1,443). During the last decade, the College's fall enrollment peaked at 1,679 students (2011). Our average annual full-time equivalent enrollment is 922, which is also below the target of 1,050. This statistical count (total enrolled credits/15) is an important factor in determining our funding allocation from the state.

253 High School Students
Enrollment in dual-credit courses on average each semester since fall 2013, which exceeds our target of 225 students/semester. During this same period, our annual dual-credit enrollment has increased by 64%. In fall 2016, the College offered 20 different courses at eight high schools across our region.

1,657 Community Members
Members of our community who have enrolled yearly in Continuing Education courses on average over the past three years. This outcome exceeds our target of 1,605 and is a substantial increase over the baseline CE enrollment of 1,284 students in 2012. Continuing Education's wide range of course offerings include personal enrichment, study abroad, professional certifications, online education and customized trainings contracted by local employers. 

As of fall 2016, Helena College achieved the minimum threshold for demonstrating mission fulfillment for this objective, with two out of three indicators exceeding their targets. (Current score= 4; minimum threshold score= 1.8)