The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2017, there will be 30,280 new cases of multiple myeloma diagnosed and 12,590 deaths. With the aging of the Baby Boomers, the incidence of all cancers is expected to rise exponentially. This presents challenges to the laboratory.

New Therapeutics in the Laboratory
Helena is leading the charge to provide effective methods to screen for disease and monitor therapy by tracking results over time. Large trials are underway looking for a cure for multiple myeloma using novel therapies while the disease is still in early phase. In the laboratory, these therapeutics, such as Daratumumab, Elotuzumab and others, can express themselves on protein and immunofixation results, making interpretation more difficult. While there is currently no FDA-approved method for dealing with this problem, very promising efforts are underway. Helena has chosen to take a universal approach to address all current and future monoclonal therapies rather than the piecemeal single antiserum for a single drug approach. We are excited about the progress. 

Screening and Tracking
Helena's Myeloma Module, a plug-in to the QuickScan Touch densitometry software for Helena's Touch Series and V8 Nexus CE systems is proving to be a gamechanger for reporting results. Developed in cooperation with the top myeloma centers in the country, the QuickScan Touch Myeloma Module unifies each patient's current and historical SPIFE zone and V8 CE electrophoresis data into a single portal for interpreting, tracking and reviewing results. The pathologist can scroll through results to spot progression or regression of disease with all supporting data. Web-based demonstrations of the Myeloma Module for your pathology staff are available. Contact Kerry Franks at 800.231.5663 or by email at

Myeloma Workshop at AACC
Lend your voice to this discussion at the scientific workshop "New Aspects of Monitoring Myeloma Patients" at 6p on Wednesday, August 2nd in San Diego. Seating is limited so register quickly. The faculty include Dr. Douglas Kingma, Medical Director at Tennessee Oncology and Dr. Jessica Jones, Manager of Technical Services at Helena Laboratories and Dr. Robert Galen, Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia.