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Authenticity and Digital Marketing
Can these two concepts coexist?
I had an opportunity earlier this month to meet with a fascinating group of local entrepreneurs. All of the members of this group were passionate about the work they do. They are artists, teachers, coaches, healers, creators, and more.

I found that some of these people were nervous about putting themselves 'out there' in their digital platforms. There was a certain amount of anxiety to 'do social media the right way'.

I get it.

There seems to be so much to all the platforms. So much to keep on top of. So many interactions to keep track of. Of course, we covered some of the 'hows', the 'whens', the 'whys'. That's what I do.

But - I'd like to share my own takeaway with you.

It was my observation that the folks who were using their digital platforms as an extension of their authentic selves - those who were sharing their thoughts, their goals, their struggles, - were the same business owners who had a mad-dedicated following. The authentic sharers found that their posts received more engagement and more shares, resulting in more clients, sales, gigs, etc.

Let that sit with you for a while.....
How do you feel about sharing your authentic self with an online audience?
Q: Facebook has changed how Pages show up in our feed, should I stop using Facebook for Business in 2018?

A: Seriously, there is no reason to panic and drop Facebook. This change was initiated quite some time ago and is really not so drastic. With the right strategy, Facebook is still a very powerful tool to market your brand, one that you don’t want to miss out on.

Your Power Tips:
  • Create high quality content
  • Use Facebook Groups
  • Promote your content
  • Diversify
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After spending January focused on reaching your personal and business New Year’s resolutions, it is now time to send out some positive vibes to your community and customers.
February is a time to spread the 💗  and it isn’t just about Valentine’s Day.
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