Dear ALC Family

Happy Spring! As the final snow piles of the season melt away, and the flowers begin to bloom, I continue to be encouraged and motivated by the dedication of the Adult Learning Center’s students, staff, and volunteers. Although the last year has been nothing like any of us had planned, the lessons we’ve learned have given us tremendous new insight into the needs of those we serve, and have made us a stronger organization in 2021.

You should have received our recent communication about the ALC’s big news - on June 1st we are relocating our program to the “City on a Hill” facility here in Milwaukee (if you did not receive that email, read it here). As detailed in that message, this move is an intentional decision with a two-fold purpose: not only will it allow us to focus on providing mission-oriented services to our students, but it will also allow us to honor our commitment to being good stewards of funds raised for that purpose. While we eagerly look forward to resuming our traditional, in-person class offerings, we have seen many of our students truly thrive in our online classes. Transportation and childcare have always been two of the top concerns of our students, and removing these barriers has allowed many to engage in classes and work with volunteers at times that previously were not possible for them. As we have honed our skills in delivering online instruction over the past 12 months, we have realized that this method will continue to be the most effective and convenient for some of our students even after masks and physical distancing are no longer a regular part of our daily lives.

Please read on to learn more about the many successes that ALC students have had this semester. We look forward to sharing more updates about our program and the new ALC facility in the coming weeks and months. I thank you for your support of the Adult Learning Center, and ask that you continue your support of the students here at the ALC, as we all work together to transform lives through education!


Jon Gilgenbach