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In this issue of Dynamic Solutions News, we're excited to share two videos. The first showcases the Parker ACR7000 Controller and the second highlights Precise Automation Industrial Collaborative Robots .
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Parker ACR7000 Integrated Motion Controllers
Motion in 90 sec with the Parker ACR7000 Controller

In this video we show how quick it is to configure and run a stepper motor using the Parker  ACR7000  controller. High performance drives are integrated with the multi-axis motion controller into a single package, saving space, cabling, and reducing installation complexity.

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Precise Automation Industrial Collaborative Robots
Safe to use without Shielding at Industrial Robot Cycle Times

In this video we focus on the speed/safety combination of Precise robots. Precise Automation offers full line of collaborative robot geometries, all which meet the ISO collaborative robot force standard at industrial robot cycle times.

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