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We hope all is well with you. Those of us who are able to work from home are doing so. We continue to practicing social distancing and cleanliness in all aspects of our business. If you need us for anything, we are here.

In this issue of Dynamic Solutions News , we're excited to highlight a video that showcases our Wittenstein Cyber Dynamic Line Servo Motors .
Miniature Brushless Servo Motors
The Wittenstein Cyber® Dynamic line servo motors are the smart selection for your application. Equipped with absolute feedback in stainless steel housing, they deliver the highest performance, reliability, precision and value in the smallest package .

The industrial grade small servo motors in the cyber® dynamic line are three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors. They are offered in four sizes with a 17, 22, 32 or 40 mm outer diameter for output ratings between 25 and 335 watts. The strictly industrial design combined with a series of optimized features – chiefly linked to dynamics and torque.

  • Highest torque-density
  • High quality stainless steel housing
  • Integrated absolute encoder
  • Integrated gearbox option
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