3rd Quarter News

2018 Statistics
Men Employed - 390
Taxes Paid - $238,526.94
Child Support Paid - $24,361.18

Men Housed - 83
Men Employed - 68

Letter from the Director - Paul Garner
Greetings from Memphis, 

This has been my first full quarter as the Director of our Memphis campus and I can I say without a doubt it has been very interesting quarter. As I sit back and reflect on some of the memories I am filled with joy, excitement, and smiles. From fishing trips with the Director, Box seats at the Red Birds games, to seeing a client reunited with his mother after 19 years this has quarter has been a blast.
 I encourage everyone to join us for our fall revival 10/14-10/18 @6pm. We are also looking forward to attending Safe Harbor of Bucksnort's fall festival and winning the the Director + Clients kickball game scheduled on October 19th. 

We give glory and praise to our Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to work through our clients to realize with God anything is possible!
July 4th Celebration
Redbirds Non-Profit of the Game

Thank you Memphis Redbirds and Lipscomb & Pitts for the amazing opportunity at the game!

Thanks for making our guys VIP’s last night. And thanks to our President, Brad Bowie, for the hot wings and chicken tenders. The guys loved it!
Celebration Sunday - July 2019
Congrats to our graduates, Ronald Frost, Johnny Walton, Kevin Arnold, Larry Wallace, Thomas Irving, & Justin Fortune.

Our Reliable of the Month was Austin Mellor and Client of the Month was Robert Lee.

July Birthdays - Gregory Kesler, Norman Rader, Roger Ivey & Steven Brown.
Worship Days
“On behalf of all the staff and clients of Safe Harbor of Memphis I would like to thank a mighty couple of God Pastors Ron and Donna Smith! They delivered a much need motivational and inspirational Praise and Warship followed by a Church service with an alter call that saved 24 men!!!!!!!!” - Director, Paul Garner
Spotlight Staff Member - Jerry Byers, Program Coordinator
First of all It's hard to just pick one staff member of the quarter. I could not have made it through this quarter without the help of each individual on my staff! None the less I was left with the task of selecting just one. After much consideration and debate, I have selected Mr. Jerry Byers. 

I have learned there is no task to big nor small for Mr. Byers and no matter what it is he will get it accomplished with a smile on his face. He exceeds expectations, consistently performs high quality work, performs extra duties beyond those normally assigned, demonstrates a willingness to assist whenever needed or requested, has a positive attitude, displays exceptional dependability, and creates a positive work environment. 

Thank you for going above and beyond!
Partner of the Quarter - Highline Aftermarket
Safe Harbor of Memphis proudly announces Highline Aftermarket as our partner of the quarter. We entered into a partnership with this amazing company in early March of this year, which employees 22 clients from Safe Harbor Memphis. We would not be able to do what we do without the dedication, support and job opportunities provided to our clients without Highline Aftermarket. 

Highline Aftermarket manufactures and distributes packaged automotive chemicals, lubricants, filters, parts, tools and accessories to independent distributors, jobbers, wholesalers and multiple retail channels. They deliver what you need, when you need it at fair, profit-producing prices. They provide high performance products to shift your business into high gear. 
Thank you for all you do!!!!!!
Celebration Sunday - August 2019
Congratulations to our graduate Curtis Shephard. Our Client of the Month was Patrick Jay Holden. Reliable of the Month went to Herman James. Happy Birthday to Tommy Davison, Wesley Haworth, Jimmy Williams & Corey Winters!
Blessings of Donations
For several years the Winstead family has supported Safe Harbor, whether it be through donations or by employing our clients. Yesterday we received a huge blessing from them once again, in the form of a donation from their business, S.Y. Wilson & Company of Arlington, TN.

Boots, Jeans, Jackets, Shirts & more given for our clients in our Men’s & Women’s program. Families like this are one of the reasons that Safe Harbor continues on! We can’t thank S.Y. Wilson & Company and the Winstead family enough for what they have done for Safe Harbor!

If you’ve never visited their store, please take some time and stop by to see them, and let them know we sent you!

They are located at
12020 Walker St
Arlington, TN 38002

You can also find them on Facebook and online @  www.sywilson.com
Testimony Tuesday
David Sikes
Intake Pic - March 24, 2019
Current Pic - July 15, 2019

"My name is David Sykes and I'm 42 years old. I have been using one drug or another since the age of 15. When I was 18 I went to jail which lead to prison because instead loving my family and doing whats right, I chose to love drugs and do whats wrong. That has caused me to spend 21 of the last 24 years in one form of lock or another. Two months ago on May 15th. I chose another path, or rather I was lead to the only path that leads to life. God decided to take this corrupt vessel that has never done anything but the wrong thing and cleanse it and show the world that he is the over comer of all. I quit smoking, cussing, drugs, and wanting to lie. Not by my own will, rather God Chose me in this time of my life to be a shinning example of his awesome power. Then today 7-12-19 he showed up and showed out so mighty its hard to believe. I was going to leave Safe Harbor and marry the woman I love and try to come back tomorrow. I was going to do it with or without permission because I felt so strongly about it. Right when I was about to pack my stuff Mr. Paul pulls in and I ask one more time. The story he told me about his recovery and tragedies completely stunned me and cleared my mind and showed me I was about to go against God's plan for me. Today was the first time I have been in a high pressure situation and made the right decision. Thanks to Mr. Paul and most of all to God for leading a broken man to the beginning of right choices."
Kevin Arnold
Intake Pic - 12/07/2018
Current Pic - 07/21/2019

"My name is Kevin Arnold. I was brought up in the church, baptized at a young age, but I only knew of God. As I got older in my experiences, I got to know God but didn't have a lasting relationship with him. Many times I strayed and did thing that pulled me further away from him. For many years I was in a constant battle between good and evil. Later becoming a prisoner/causality of war. I was spiritually dead, I was lost. All the things I use to do that was fun to me was not fun anymore, all my bad habits became the normal. I cried out asking God why can't I stop? Asking him for help. I was in and out of rehab after rehab. Nothing worked. But God lead me to Safe Harbor of Memphis where I have been clean and sober for 7 and a half months. God delivered me from my strongholds, I thank God for his word and opening my eyes using Safe Harbor through Celebrate Recovery, anger management, 12 steps, and all the classes/workbooks. Now I only look to God through his son Jesus Christ for my maintenance and to maintain my deliverance. God was truly my refuge through Safe Harbor of Memphis."
Corey Blaylock
Intake Pic - 3/28/2019
Current Pic - 7/30/2019

“At 29 years old I find myself lost and broken with a criminal record and suffering from the disease of addiction. I lived on the streets fighting, lying, stealing and cheating to fuel my own demise. My higher power was drugs and alcohol, anything I could put in a needle, pipe, bottle or in my nose to change the way I feel. The finding and using drugs consumed every aspect of my life. I was lost and alone. Family and friends turned on me because it was easier that way. Dealing with me was almost impossible, I couldn't even deal with myself. But God could and now I know He has had the power all along. God did for me what I couldn't do for myself and opened my eyes. He humbled me and has opened doors for me that I thought would never reopen. I don't run the show today, through prayer and meditation I now let Jesus take the wheel. I no longer have to worry about my life because He directs me on the right path. Today I have my kids in my life, a roof over my head, and a job. My plan is in line with His. I know my purpose now. One day at a time His blessings continue to show and if he can do it for me, He will do it for anyone!!!!!! Praise God!”
Upcoming Event - Fall Revival 2019
Please join us for our Fall Revival Oct 14 - 18, 2019. Daily services at 6 pm. Baptism to follow Friday night service
Client Testimony - Leland Spencer
Since coming to Safe Harbor of Memphis almost 3 months ago, My life has really been changed. From the classes, guidance, and love from the staff my thinking process has changed. Once my thinking process changed my behavior started to change as well.
Probably the most important thing I have learned is that my thoughts determine my talk, then my talk leads to my actions, then my actions lead to my lifestyles, and finally my lifestyle determines my future. 

Another thing I have learned is that my recovery is based on me and what I do to keep it. It's one thing to obtain sobriety, but it a total different thing to maintain it. I am determined to be one of the ones to maintain!
Thank You Safe Harbor of Memphis!
Labor Day 2019
We were able to do a little fishing on Labor Day!
Classes in Memphis
Taking our classes to a another level. Our celebrate recovery class held in the park, with some fellowship, discussion and testimony!
Fatherhood Class
Off to the races!
Team Safe Harbor at the Track with car owner & driver, Mitchell Fulcher and his pit crew!
Friday Night Bingo in Memphis! Congrats to our winners
We are grateful for the support we receive from you all throughout the year and feel blessed to count you among our friends. Your attendance at special events, volunteer efforts, and both monetary and in-kind donations keep Safe Harbor of Memphis going strong and allow us to continue offering our services to our communities.

As you know, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations such as ourselves rely heavily on community support year-round. We are hoping you can help us check off some items from our wish list: The items on our list would be a great blessing to receive.

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Thank you for your continued support, from all of us at Safe Harbor!