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In this issue of Dynamic Solutions News, we're excited to share a video that that highlights the Precise Automation PF3400 Scara Cobot.

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Is the Fastest Cobot also the Safest?
The Precise Automation PF3400 Scara Cobot here reaches up to 1.5m/sec!
Yet because of detailed engineering in the arms mechanics we can also stay under the Global Cobot Guidance Force Requirement of 150N. So even at full speed and rated load, we can stop with a single hand.

This video shows the movements for a large PCB handler application. Features include:

  • Horizontal Compliance
  • No Guarding Requirements
  • All in One Controller and ARM
  • SCARA Shelving Reach (a 6 axis can't reach into)
  • TCP/IP Command Server
  • Quick Browser Test Setups
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