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I wanted to send a message to touch base with you. First and foremost I hope you are all healthy and staying safe during the pandemic. It is a strange time, but in unison we can help each other through.
Dynamic Solutions is engaged with customers who are producing essential medical devices, and we are supplying parts/components used by these customers to manufacture an essential assembly or medical device.
In light of this we are still operating at our normal hours and days of business . We have our full staff of sales and engineering support as well as customer service support. 
We welcome any new application assistance we can provide from a sizing, selection and quotation stand point.  Orders are getting placed with our manufacturing partners as soon as they are received. If we are not able to place an order with a particular manufacturer, our customer’s will be notified immediately, however our major providers including Parker Hannifin, IMS, ACS, Primatics Etc... are all remaining open as they also are engaged in active applications.  
Those of us who can work from home are, and we are practicing social distancing and cleanliness in all aspect of work and home.
Please be safe, and if you need us for anything, we are here.

In this issue of Dynamic Solutions News , we'd like to share an informative video regard ing Miniature Mechatronics .
Miniature Mechatronics

The Parker MSR and MX linear actuator series provides precision and compact size. When paired with a number of multi axis drives and controls from ACS and Copley we have a widely capable motion system in a very small envelope. Contact us for more info.
If you have any questions for our team, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Stay tuned for next month's newsletter.


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