1.    Life's Lessons - Unleashing Your Full Potential through Mentoring
Type: Podcast
Host name: Rick Tocquigny
Year Program Launched: 2009
Program/Publication Description:
Life Lessons focuses on teachable moments, recognizing favorite influential mentors in life and passing on wisdom to the next generation.
Submission Guidelines: Guests must be 18 years or older, have had at least two mentors, be able to articulate their passion, explain the context of their books, and share tips on communication.
Additional notes, comments or requests:
Guests must call into our network five minutes before showtime and be willing to post the show link on their social media platforms.

2.    Bookroom Reviews
Type: Blog
Blogger name: Dick Leonardo
Year Website Launched: 2008
Contact email: dick@bookroomreviews.com
Blog Description: We deal mostly in Children and Young adult Book reviews, author interviews, and guest posts.
Submission Guidelines: We can accept guest posts from Non-Fiction authors. We like Cooking, kids’ health, parenting, and writing tips. We can do some business and tech too.

3.    Self Help Daily
Type: Blog
Blogger Name: Joi Sigers
Contact email: joisigers@aim.com
Blog Description: A Self Help and Inspirational blog about getting the best out of life by getting the best out of yourself. {Books: Christian, Inspirational, Bible Study, Biographies of Inspirational Individuals, Health/Fitness, Mental Fitness, Essential Oils}.
Submission Guidelines: Guest posts or books for review are welcome. Please email to inquire.

4.    Get Cooking
Type: Blog
Blogger name: Joi Sigers
Contact email: joisigers@aim.com
Blog description: A food blog with a Southern accent. Gluten-free food and cooking, food and cookbook reviews, and a strong focus on healthy eating. {all cookbooks, gluten-free books, paleo books, healthy eating, Keto}.
Submission Guidelines: Interested in reviewing books. Please email to inquire about submission.

5.    This American Life
Type: Podcast
Host name: Ira Glass
Contact email: storypitch@thislife.org
Program description: This American Life is a weekly public radio program and podcast. Each week we choose a theme and put together different kinds of stories on that theme.
Mostly we do journalism, but an entertaining kind of journalism that’s built around plot. In other words, stories! Our favorite sorts of stories have compelling people at the center of them, funny moments, big feelings, surprising plot twists, and interesting ideas. Like little movies for radio.
Our show is heard by 2.2 million listeners each week on over 500 public radio stations in the U.S., with another 2.5 million people downloading each episode as a podcast. We’re usually one of the five top podcasts on iTunes. We’re also heard on radio stations in Ireland and Germany, and all across Canada and Australia.

Submission guidelines: If you hear about something in the news or in your community that you think might make a good documentary for us to do on the radio,  drop us an email . Links to relevant articles are appreciated.
If you're pitching a story you're hoping to tell on the air yourself, let us know what happened in a page or two. For some stories just a few paragraphs are fine. You don't need to be formal about it, just tell the story the way you'd tell it to someone over drinks or coffee. If you have favorite moments in the story, let us know those. Tell us anything you think will help us understand what a great story it is. If the story happened to you and showed you something about the world you hadn't realized before, or changed you (or the other people in the story) in some way, let us know that too.
Here are some  real pitches  we got that were effective and made it into the show. They all do a few things that helped us say yes to them. First, each of these stories is a story in the most traditional sense: there are characters in some situation, and a conflict. These pitchers are clear about who the characters are and what the conflict is. Also: each of these stories raises some bigger question or issue, some universal thing to think about. That's also pretty important, and you stand a better chance at getting on the air if you let us know what that is too.
Finally, they're brief. Some people send us massive tomes, multiple tomes. Some send us books or hour-long documentaries. We mean well, but we're a small staff and simply don't have the time to read or watch or listen to lots of lengthy material. So, help us say yes to you by selecting a short, self-contained section that might make a nice radio story and send us a couple paragraphs describing that section. Maybe include the excerpt as an attachment. Assume anything over 12 pages will not be read. If you have a hard time choosing an excerpt, then spend a page or two explaining what your book or documentary is about, and telling us a few of your favorite moments. If you have some ongoing project on your website or blog that you think might be interesting on the show, don't just send us a link to your archives - paste a few choice excerpts into your pitch. Help us love you! Help us find your best, most radio-friendly material! One important thing to note: we do fact-check all our stories, including the smaller, more personal stories, so please keep that in mind when pitching.
Other dos and don'ts: Don't send in audio. If we like your pitch, we'll ask for it or send you out with professional gear to get it. If you're a writer or journalist and you want to report this story yourself, let us know that. Pitch just one thing per email, and don't deluge us with pitches. Don't send us essays. By "essays" we mean your thoughts on your kid entering school or on rudeness in movie theaters or on what the President should say to gays. (All of these things have been pitched to us.) There are other radio shows that do that kind of thing. We do stories with a plot.
Email your pitches to  storypitch@thislife.org . We will only contact you if your idea works for a forthcoming show. Know that we do definitely read and consider these emails, and that it's the most senior producers on staff who look at them, not the most junior. Every second or third episode of our show has a story we learned of through a "storypitch" email, so these emails are important to us.

6.    More than a Few Words
Type: Podcast
Program description: Our weekly podcast has been around for almost a decade. Over the years we have experimented with different formats including live call-in shows and long in-depth conversations. These days, MTFW is a brief 10-minute program, featuring short focused conversations with marketing professionals from around the country.
Submission Guidelines: We are always looking for people to join the conversation. If you would like to be a guest on More than a Few Words, here are a few things you should know:
Our audience is comprised of small business owners, so the topic must be relevant to that audience. The ten-minute program is a casual conversation so be prepared for an interactive few minutes. 
Our audience is looking for tips and tricks they can apply right away, not a commercial for a product or service. We are, however, happy to link to your website, blog, and social media profiles from the show notes.
We invite guests who bring valuable information to the program, but we also look for people who will help us expand our audience. We will provide artwork and links for you to promote the program on your social channels.
You can call in from anywhere to record the program. However, the quality of the episode will depend a great deal on your recording environment. We suggest a quiet space, with limited background noise. It will also help if you use a headset or a professional microphone. Submit your pitch via the contact form.
7.    Healthcare is Hard
Type: Podcast
Host Name: Keith Figlioli

Program Description: Healthcare is Hard: A Podcast for Insiders will view healthcare transformation through the lens of prominent leaders across our industry. Through intimate one-on-one discussions with executives, policy advisors, and other “insiders,” each episode dives deep into the pressing challenges that come with changing how we care for people. Hear the unique perspectives of these industry leaders to get a better understanding what is happening today, the challenges across the healthcare ecosystem, and how innovation is really shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

Submission Guidelines: Please submit the inquiry form located at https://dhis.net/healthcare-is-hard-podcast-guest-application . If they think you’re a good fit, you will be contacted.

8.    Boom Speak
Type: Blog

Description: BoomSpeak offers original content that is FOR baby boomers and BY baby boomers. It’s a website that appeals to the interests and changing priorities of baby boomers, including travel, culture, fiction, and personal essays. All of the content embraces our motto: “Your whole life’s in front of you.” BoomSpeak is about possibilities, and the vital and energizing things you can do with the rest of your life.

Submission Guidelines: We are looking for 400-word essays, fiction, art, and travel pieces that would be of interest to baby boomers. BoomSpeak is FOR baby boomers and BY baby boomers, so no writers under 50 years of age, please.

Send all submissions in the body of your message using the form at http://www.boomspeak.com/about-us/ . We cannot accept attachments. Be sure to give us a byline for your contribution, including an optional affiliation link (e.g. to your own website or to a site where your work is published). Sorry, but we can include only one link. We ask for the following rights:
  • First electronic rights, including HTML, PDF, and plain text.
  • Distribution will be through this Web site.
  • After publication, your story will remain in our searchable archives unless you ask us to remove it.

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