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In this issue of Dynamic Solutions News, we're excited to share a video that highlights the Exlar GTX60 Planetary Roller Screw with Integrated Servo Motor.

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Exlar GTX60 Planetary Roller Screw
with Integrated Servo Motor
Exlar® manufactures electromechanical linear roller screw actuators, rotary servo motors, and integrated control solutions for a broad range of applications.

Their unique technology provides an efficient electric replacement for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders and a more robust replacement for ball screws. With forces up to 80,000 pounds and speeds up to 60 inches per second, they are able to deliver higher force and speed in smaller packages than other comparably sized actuation technology.

Exlar actuators have more flexibility, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance than traditional hydraulic and pneumatic solutions. Whether looking to increase productivity or reduce your total cost of ownership, we can put together the right solution for you.
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