Second Quarter 2022

Message from the President of the Board
Leslie Stockel, CSP, SMS

This month, just as every June since 1996, the wider population in the United States has taken some time to recognize the importance and value of safety.

Our colleagues at the National Safety Council established National Safety Month more than a quarter century ago, highlighting the role everyone can play in protecting themselves and others. Companies in a range of fields utilize this month to promote practices to eliminate preventable injuries and illnesses at work, at home, and at play.

June is an opportune time to bring safety topics into the public consciousness. The summer months often present greater potential hazards with increased heat, greater sun exposure, and more time spent on outdoor recreation.

But for all of you dedicated SH&E professionals, we know safety is a mission to which you have dedicated yourselves not just this month, but all year long. All career long. Whether it is by preventing falls, properly handling chemicals, maintaining working machinery, protecting air quality, or tackling any number of other challenges, you are leading the charge. This month offers the chance to highlight the important work you are continually doing day after day.

For the tens of thousands of you out there making the world a safer place, the BCSP Board of Directors salutes you and thanks you for all your efforts.

We continue to look for ways to encourage you in your endeavors. One new and exciting way we sought to do that this spring was with our Global Learning Summit (GLS). We were blown away by your support and participation in that three-day, virtual event, and we were grateful for the feedback we received from participants telling us how meaningful it was. To everyone who sponsored the event, served as speakers, and attended sessions, we send our sincere gratitude.

We also love recognizing the accomplishments of our certificants, and we were able to do that again this spring with the annual presentation of our Lifetime Achievement Award and Awards of Excellence. We are truly privileged to work alongside an incredibly talented group of professionals.

It continues to be a busy time for BCSP as we expand Group Management, grow our partnerships, and continually seek avenues to support you, our certificants. You can read more about all those things and more in this edition of our quarterly eNewsletter.

We wish you all a safe and happy summer!

Thank You from the CEO

Christy Uden, CAE, IOM

What an eventful spring it has been at BCSP! We have been privileged to interact with our amazing SH&E professionals in some truly exciting and meaningful ways.

Thank you for your support and participation in helping us successfully execute two major undertakings with the BCSP Foundation’s third-annual Virtual Career Fair and our innovative Global Learning Summit (GLS). We could not have accomplished either without your committed involvement. You continue to play an instrumental role in our mission to inspire leaders, enhance careers, and advance the safety profession.

These events furthered BCSP’s pursuit of two major objectives — to build community among our nearly 50,000 certificants and to provide greater access to affordable SH&E professional and career development.

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing world, quality continuing education is as important as ever. With that in mind, BCSP is committed to supporting credential holders throughout the certification cycle. Together we create a safer world.

Thank you for making a difference!

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BCSP Board of Directors


Leslie Stockel, CSP, SMS

Vice President

Bruce K. Lyon, CSP, SMS, P.E., ARM, CHMM


V. Raymond Ferrara, CFP

Past President

Joaquin M. Diaz, MM, CSP, OHST, CHST, CIH

CEO, Secretary

Christy Uden, CAE, IOM


Teresa A. Cole, CSP

Ashok Garlapati, CSP

Jay R. Harf, PhD, CSP

Mary Hjorth, SPHR

Bruce D. Hollcroft, CSP

Patricia A. Kagerer, CSP

Regina McMichael, CSP, CIT

Daniel G. Hopwood, CSP, SMS

Donald A. Robinson, PhD, CSP, P.E., ARM-E

Global Learning Summit Draws Thousands to Share SH&E Knowledge & Insights

After nearly a year of planning, BCSP held the first Global Learning Summit (GLS) from May 10-12, drawing speakers and participants from around the world to network and share knowledge.

More than 4,600 attendees registered for the event at a cost of just $25. They received access to more than 150 presentations, both live and pre-recorded, spanning a range of important SH&E topics in today’s rapidly-evolving landscape.

The three-day event drew nearly 885,000 user engagements and more than 41,000 user contributions. Participants spent 1.8 million minutes inside the GLS platform and made more than 11,000 connections.

"I participated yesterday in the GLS, and I was blown away by the entire experience. We had hundreds attending the sessions. The chat was interactive, engaging, and fun. Thanks to everyone at BCSP for working so hard to deliver such an amazing event. You all made a difference in our safety profession by providing excellent content and easy access at an affordable price." — Tricia Kagerer, CSP

BCSP Recognizes 2022 Award of Excellence & Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

BCSP presented its annual Awards of Excellence (AoE) and Lifetime Achievement Award in a ceremony that aired June 9 on YouTube Premiere.

Linda M. Tapp received the Lifetime Achievement Award – BCSP's highest honor – while the organization’s AoE recipients included Dr. Mark Friend (CSP AoE), Jerry Arnold (ASP AoE), Steve Barrett (OHST AoE), Sondra Lavoie (CHST AoE), and Jack Donnelly (STSC AoE).

“We congratulate each of our 2022 award recipients and thank them for their continual efforts to impact lives,” BCSP CEO Christy Uden, CAE, IOM said. “These recipients are recognized leaders in their industries who have advanced SH&E practice through dedication to their craft, a desire to share their knowledge, and a mission to serve. Their invaluable contributions are leaving a legacy and propelling the SH&E practice forward.”

Complete Lifetime Achievement Award Bio
Complete Awards of Excellence Bios
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Sense of Family Drives Safety for Diamond Sponsor

As a fourth-generation construction business dating back to 1898, The Walsh Group knows a little something about family.

Founded in Chicago, where its impact is seen across the skyline, Walsh now operates 21 regional offices throughout North America and manages hundreds of construction projects. Despite its growth, Walsh has not lost sight of its origins.

“Walsh is a family company, but it’s a company of families,” said CSP Hank Botterman, Walsh’s director of HSE for building operations. “One of the greatest things about working at Walsh is even though we’ve grown to be a big company, it still feels like a small company because the leadership has maintained that small company feeling.”

Boasting 110 total credentials – including 104 STSCs – within its company, Walsh is one of only 10 Diamond Level BCSP certification sponsors and one of 121 among all levels.

“We recognized several years ago that the certification ... being achieved by somebody makes it part of who you are,” Botterman said. “Because of that, it will be less likely to compromise your professionalism, your commitment to the things you have been trained in. It’s one of those things that certainly improves the culture throughout the organization.”

For a business like Walsh that empowers employees to share ideas, investing in those employees through certification is a natural extension of that dedication.

Click here for full article at BCSP.ORG

List of Certification Sponsors

For more information about Group Management or to register your company to become a certification sponsor, visit the Workplace Safety and Certification page at BCSP.ORG.

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BCSP offers exam training through BCSP examCORE. Trainings include CSP, ASP + CSP Connect, SMS, ASP, OHST, CHST, STS, STSC, and CIT. For more information, visit examCORE.ORG.

*To ensure impartiality, BCSP utilizes subject-matter experts for the development of the examCORE program and products who are independent from the certification examination development process.

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Certificants further qualify for a 20% discount on first year financial planning services with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional members of the Financial Planning Association®.

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Share Your Safety Stories with Us

We want to tell your safety story. Whether it's a personal story of how you became involved with the safety profession, or a proud company safety moment, we want to hear from you!

If you have an interesting story to share, please contact and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Your story could be featured on the BCSP social media channels, a promotional video, or many other avenues.

Scholarship Central

In the past year, BCSP and the BCSP Foundation provided nearly $215,000 in total funding for QAP student scholarships, QAP/ABET accreditation, and ASSP, AIHF, and AGC scholarships.

Each year, BCSP awards scholarships to outstanding safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) students through the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation (AIHF), the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Foundation, and the Association of General Contractors (AGC) of America.

In addition, the BCSP Foundation awards scholarships to students of Qualified Academic Programs (QAP) holding accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) or Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI).

2022 AGC BCSP Scholarships

Grace Herazy, Auburn Univ

Jaxon Cowles, Auburn Univ.

2022 AIHF BCSP Scholarship

Helen Wu, Univ. of British Columbia

Michael Kado, Univ. of California, Berkley

2022 ASSP BCSP Scholarship

Ivan Nail, Auburn Univ.

Avery McClain, Murray State Univ.

2021 QAP Scholarships

Cambry Adams, Utah State Univ.

Daniel Berman, East Carolina Univ.

Asia Blanton, Murray State Univ.

Melissa Blevens, Colorado State Univ.

Josh Brown, Purdue Univ. at West Lafayette

Morghan Buerky, Univ. of Central Missouri

Timothy BurnettMontana Tech of the Univ. of Montana

David Caputo, Univ. of Michigan

Marion Chumo, Univ. of Central Missouri

Chandler Cottam, Univ. of Utah

Angela Crosby, Univ. of Toledo

Riley Duncan, Univ. of North Alabama

James Ellis, Marshall Univ.

Samantha Ewens, Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Jessie Glenn, Univ. of Central Missouri

Ada Jesuthasan, Univ. of Cincinnati

Ryan Laronde, Oklahoma State Univ.

Emily McComsey, Millersville Univ. of Pennsylvania

Sam Menzie, Grand Valley State Univ.

Nathan Millard, Indiana State Univ.

Darrin Miller, Tulane Univ.

Dalton Nappe, Univ. of Central Missouri

Cara O’Donnell, Montana Tech of the Univ. of Montana

Michael Owen, West Virginia Univ.

Sydney Raleigh, Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania

Haley Ritchie, Univ. of Findlay

Joseph Schopp, Southeastern Louisiana Univ.

Hunter Shaw, Murray State Univ.

Keith Sue, Oakland Univ.

Lina Sylejmani, Univ. of Houston-Clear Lake

Samantha Vega, Univ. of Illinois-Chicago

Abbi Williams, Purdue Univ. at West Lafayette

Layne Willis, Montana Tech of the Univ. of Montana

Brycen Wolfe, Fairmont State Univ.

Scholarship & Grant Information
Unauthorized Use of Our Credentials

BCSP pursues cases of individuals claiming to hold our credentials without permission. We pursue those cases in which there is clear evidence of the unauthorized use and the individual has a clear responsibility, control, or knowledge of the use. Evidence may be a business card, resume, letter, website, or other publication.

Report Unauthorized Use | Find Unauthorized Use on the Credential Directory

Present on Behalf of BCSP!
Presentations on safety certification can be done for recertification credit! BCSP has many resources available for certificants to use during presentations, including pre-made PowerPoints, role delineation studies and technical reports, and videos.

These resources can be found on our Presentations and Outreach webpage.

MCI Partnership Paying Dividends in Middle East, Africa & India

In BCSP’s efforts to continue global growth and enhance the safety profession around the world, a partnership with engagement solutions company MCI is playing a vital role.

MCI Middle East is helping to build BCSP’s brand in that part of the world and to raise awareness of the opportunities for certification. BCSP and MCI recently increased the scope of the partnership to include outreach in India.

MCI Middle East reaches 57 countries and has helped BCSP elevate its number of credentials in the region to more than 1,600.

The success has come despite COVID-19 lockdowns, strained economies, and higher unemployment rates. MCI’s ability to communicate effectively within various cultures, identify the best tools for reaching specific audiences, and develop relationships with strategic partners, stakeholders, and decision-makers has overcome those challenges.

“MCI’s contributions have been invaluable in creating inroads for BCSP’s greater advancement in the Middle East, Africa, and most recently India. MCI brings a level of expertise and advocacy of the value of credentialing in safety in these regions, truly helping us pursue our vision of a safer world.”

—  BCSP CEO Christy Uden, CAE, IOM

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Over the course of the year, a range of policy changes, procedure updates, and other modifications occur. We want to make everyone aware of these changes on a regular basis, as well as keep an archive of the announcements. 

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OSHA’s annual Safe + Sound Week, held each August, is on the way.

This year’s campaign is set for August 15-21 and serves as an encouragement for organizations to recognize their safety successes, to start a new safety program, or to analyze an existing one.

As BCSP certificants, we know you are on the front lines and have many success stories to celebrate. We encourage you to use #SafeAndSoundAtWork during the week of August 15-21 to share those stories on social media.

We also know workplace challenges are ever-evolving, and potential new hazards are constantly developing. Safety plans and procedures should always be adaptable to face new threats, but Safe + Sound Week offers a dedicated week as a reminder to keep those plans up to date.

For more information on participating in Safe + Sound Week, visit