Mobile Detection System (MDS)

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Mobile Detection System

CBRNE threats detected:

  • Chemical (Narcotics)
  • Biological
  • Radiation
  • Nuclear (Dirty Bombs)
  • Explosives

One Command and Control Vehicle for Numerous Operational Uses:

  • Disaster Response (Natural and man-made)
  • Mobile Forensics Lab
  • Command and Control Center
  • Advanced Surveillance (cameras, drones, robots)
  • Arson Investigation
  • Human trafficking detection (shipping containers and vehicles)
  • Up to 800 sensors tracked in real time
  • Secure Encrypted Communications (private mesh network and satellite)
  • Sophisticated weather detection system used by US Air Force and NASA (plume movement and drone use weather conditions)
  • Each vehicle is accompanied by a selection of drones and robots.

Areas of Use:

  • Disaster Response - MDS is able to respond to natural and man-made disasters as a Mobile Command Center with its own secure (mesh network and satellite) communications and surveillance capabilities. The mobile lab enables water, materials, and air testing to insure safety along with drones and robots for rescue operations. MDS can also be used for evacuations.
  • Border Crossings and Checkpoints - MDS detection systems help to identify explosives, narcotics, human trafficking, and other illegal activities.
  • Perimeter Surveillance - MDS can secure specified areas where perimeter defense is needed and perimeter security solutions are not available. VIP protection.
  • Large Public Events - MDS is a mobile Command and Control vehicle for sports events, concerts, and other large public events. Communications and surveillance via cameras (mobile and stationary) and chemical detectors protect the area around and within the event.
  • Port Security - Aircraft, vehicle and shipping container inspections can be performed using MDS detection systems. The MDS detection can identify CBRNE materials and human trafficking.
  • Bomb and Hazardous Material Detection - MDS uses drones and robots to detect and map areas where explosives and hazardous materials such as Fentanyl are discovered. Robots can be used to disarm and remove materials safely.


Each MDS customer will receive training on equipment and operational use of MDS from the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). Through an agreement with NTOA, specialized professional law enforcement trainers will teach the customer's operators how to operate the equipment on MDS and how MDS can be used in various incident operations.

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Find funding for a Mobile Detection System with a

Disaster Assistance grant!

Disaster Assistance, Emergency Management / Services - State Grants


Each state makes grants available to state and local government organizations that incurred costs or damage due to a disaster. Grant funds are available for both pre-and post-emergency or disaster-related projects. These funds support critical recovery initiatives, and innovative research, to help enhance statewide emergency preparedness and response for state and local government agencies.

Disaster Assistance, Emergency Management / Services can fund the following:

  • CBRNE Threat Analysis
  • Mobile Forensics Lab
  • Mobile Command and Control Center
  • Advanced Surveillance (cameras, drones, robots)
  • Human Trafficking Detection (shipping containers and vehicles)

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