The Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center has been faced with many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board of Directors and the staff have found it necessary to explore all options on how to move forward as we emerge onto the rolling landscape. We explored how and when to reopen our doors to the public, how to offer programs, and how to hold our major annual events and conferences, implementing Maine CDC recommendations.

As many of you know, in 2020, we made many adjustments, such as closing our doors to the public, transitioning our communications to telephone and email, and offering all of our programs and events on Zoom. We navigated new avenues to continue providing our services and programs to the people that need us most, those affected by cancer, their caregivers, families and loved ones in Hancock and Washington Counties while keeping them safe but remaining connected.

Our initial goal for this year’s Ride For Life, was to focus on increasing participation and ridership. Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to not hold the customary Ride For Life because we feel that we do not have the resources to do it properly. We do hope though that anyone who would like to rider who have been one of our biggest fundraisers will consider doing a ride on September 11 or another date and ask for pledges to support your riding for the Center.

If you want to keep the tradition going and select the Ride of your choice, 20-mile, 50-mile, or 100-mile ride and use the peer-to-peer online fundraising method, we will gladly set up an online fundraising page for you or assist you in setting one up. We can even set up a team page for you if you’d like that option. There is also an option to make a donation as well.

There will be a Ride For Life appreciation dinner in September celebrating all the years of participation, dedication, and support in the Ride For Life for the riders, sponsors, and volunteers that have been part of the team over the past 16 years.

Special thanks to our long-term sponsors, Acadia Realty Group, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop, Friend & Friend, Nova Foods and Tradewinds Marketplace.

We hope you will consider riding this year for the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center Ride For Life as your commitment enables us to provide services to our friends and neighbors that are affected by cancer in Washington and Hancock Counties.

If you would like to participate this year, please contact Michael Reisman at the Center by calling 207-664-0339.