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September 2020
    Support for Nonprofits

To help local, direct-service nonprofits impacted by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), United Way of Rhode Island partnered with the Rhode Island Foundation to create the COVID-19 Response Fund.

Nonprofits who receive grants, which range from $10K to $75K, will use them to continue their work, which includes providing food, housing, and more. In addition, funding went to secure medical supplies for health care professionals working hard to care for Rhode Islanders every day.

People and companies throughout the state understand the importance of nonprofits. Thanks to the continued generosity of Rhode Islanders and their amazing sponsors, they've  raised more than $8 million in donations and awarded $7.2 million in grants... so far.

If you would like to donate, there are 2 convenient options:
1. Give online at this link
2. Text: RICOVID19 to 51555

We are here to help you stay safe in your home.  It is also more important than ever to be able to be there for our clients - old and new - and help them with whatever they need from us to remain in their homes. 

Our showroom is open during our major renovations!    We are wearing our masks and require all visitors to also wear theirs.  We are social distancing, limiting customer traffic, cleaning and sanitizing constantly.  Give us a call and make an appointment today.

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The controversy over protocol Guidelines between IDSA - Infectious Diseases Society of America (US Government) and ILADS - International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society causes conflict and confusion in the approach to medical care for these acute & chronic diseases. IDSA claims that infections transmitted from TICKS are: "difficult to get, easy to diagnose and easy to treat". 
In FACT, the total opposite is true ! 

An untold number of debilitated victims are improperly diagnosed and go untreated for months and years. The basis of my 'Mission' has been to assist in procuring LL(Lyme Literate)MD's for newly bitten and long afflicted individuals; this often means referring people to out of state locations, adding to their costs and stress. The irony is, in RI we have LYME LAWS which passed in 2002 & 2014 governing Testing, Diagnosis & Treatment.  Sadly, they are unknown and/or ignored by the majority of medical facilities in our State. If recognized and adhered to, it would eliminate much of the existing trauma inflicted on seriously sick patients!   

For more information on this mission, please contact Jane Barrows, President of Lyme Newport 501(c)3 at

Atria Aquidneck Place is 100% COVID 19 Free 
and we are accepting new residents.
Please call Sandra Dugan for your personalized tour.  
In person or virtual tours are available.

Linda & Bill Bohmbach

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