Hello Fall

New Releases!

Every Tuesday is New Release Day and this Fall is jam-packed with New York Times Best Selling Hardcovers and Bestsellers that are now in paperback.


It's perfect weather for

Falling into a Great Book!


~Community Book Club~

A Partnership:

African American Museum of Bucks County and

Commonplace Reader

We Are the Stories We Tell: The Best Stories by North American Women Since 1945.

Editor Wendy Martin.

Our first Book !

Please Join Us !

This book is a collection of 26 of the finest stories by the finest women writers to come out of the United States and Canada in the past 50 years. Authors include Eudora Welty, Alice Walker, Margaret Atwood, Tama Janowitz, Sandra Cisneros.


October 7th

7:00 - 9:00

Zoom Meeting Link

SpotLight on Fiction

Commonplace Reader is a small, cozy and comfortable shop … you can browse the whole store in a matter of 45 minutes to an hour. And… there are thousands of books on the shelves.

We Booksellers are busy all day long shelving and re-shelving so we can quickly find the book you, our best customer, are looking for!  

This Spring we noticed frequently customers have asked …..

“Where are your LGBTQ+ books?” OR

“Where are your Historical Fiction books? 

Our answer has been to create and share

two tables stocked with our best picks of each genre's

books of what we hope our readers will truly enjoy!

The Pride Table is curated with a young adult’s purview; we have selected fun, humorous and touching stories that resonate with readers who have a passion for exploring worlds in books. Tell us your favorite series, authors and subjects and we will stock it for you and other savvy shoppers. We have several book clubs that you can join and per your suggestions we will add Pride Books that fit interests to the reading list.

Many readers love a certain period of history …. Whether it is WWII books;

or it is a novel of discrimination and injustice during specific periods in American his/herstory;

or family sagas in other countries that many readers employ to travel the world from home; 

or immigration stories that have a thrilling story line or challenging situation for the female characters to overcome. 

Historical Fiction is an evolving selection as new books and old alike are relevant for the discerning reader.


Our Upstairs has an exciting new addition!

Victoria Rogers has graciously opened her Toys and Ballet Shoppe for Yardley to enjoy! We love the style and grace she has brought our children's area.

Commonplace Reader is a big supporter of all things Yardley and Bucks County. We are proud supporters of AOY Art Center,

Music on Main and

The Bucks County Book Fest in Doylestown

(link to Bucks BookFest).

Thanks for sharing our enthusiasm to all things Yardley!


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