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Welcome to our last REAL Insights Newsletter 


We will still periodically send information, but with the current situation, it's time to say goodbye to the monthly activity format.


Covid -19 has put us in a NEW REALITY and that certainly includes a New Real Estate Reality.

However, no matter what, people will always need housing.

Buyers/tenants and sellers/landlords will still need a way look and show properties without an in-person tour. 

I just completed a rental where all the parties stayed apart.
It worked out well and the outcome was a beautiful new rental home for my clients.

I am doing vitual LIVE tours where I go into a property alone and present it to the potential buyer.

All the paperwork is being prepared via online signing.

No one knows the full impact once this is all said and done, but people will always need to live somewhere.

Life will get back to a new normal and we will get through this!

Please feel free to reach out to me for anything, as a Real Estate Professional, I have many resources and am happy to help.
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Violette de Ayala takes readers on a self-discovery journey into the secrets of individual human self-told stories, challenges and the desired release of what’s holding us back from living a life of love, forgiveness, and peace. Each human holds the power within to move past self-evolutionary points by asking the intentional questions to release that which captures the pauses in life.


Key Colony Oceansound- CLICK HERE
REDUCED! Spacious, Bright, Large Balcony, 3/2 $878,000
Perfect for Investors, Unit rented with great tenants!!!

One Tequesta Point- CLICK HERE
Stunning, direct Bay views, 3 balconies, Split floorplan, 2/2 plus den, $599,000
Furniture included in sale, Pets ok with no size restriction!!!

Key Biscayne Ambassador-  CLICK HERE
REDUCED! Unit 910, Top Floor, bright, 2 parking spaces, 1 plus den/1.5 bath, $419,00 Gorgeous view!!!

 1825 Bonkirk Drive
1878 Normandy Boulevard

520 Avondale Hills Decatur, GA $426,000
Brand New Construction, over 3300sf! 5/4.5
Mar Azul Condominium 8CS $1,150,000
Ocean View, Very Bright, Large Floorpan Over 2800sf, 3/3
3111 New York Street Coconut Grove Townhouse 3/2.5 $630,000!
441 SW 29th Road $665,000
Prime Location, 10,500 Lot, 3/3
446 Alhambra Circle $610,000
Central Coral Gables Location, Historic Home 4/2
Le Phare Condo  Unit 24-C $400,000
Two Story, 2 Parking Spaces, Great Investment, 2/1.5
Tigertail Place, Coconut Grove Unit 101 $320,000 Two-Story, Central Grove 1/1.5
Mar Azul Condominium Unit 5GS $835,000 Bright,Remodeled, Sunsets Views, 2/2 
Grapetree Townhomes- Unit 305 $765,000
Renovated, Bright, Spacious, 2/2.5
50 Biscayne Boulevard- Unit 5109 $235,000
Gorgeous Views, Fantastic Building 1/1
2699 Tigertail (Grove Club Condo)- Unit 33 $490,000 Private Elevator, 2/2.5
231 Island Drive
The Pyramids Unit 104
Grapetree Townhomes Unit 305
4001 Hardie Ave Coconut Grove
Mar Azul Condominium Unit 9AS
Grapetree Townhomes 303, 410
265 Grapetree Unit 102
Towers of Key Biscayne A-1106
201 Galen Drive Unit 214
300 Galen Drive Unit 206
Oceansound Unit 205
Grapetree Townhomes Unit 209
Coconut Cove Unit A
Towers of Key Biscayne Unit E-1204
200 Galen Drive 114
Commercial  Warehouse  6909 NW 52 Street
Commercial  Warehouse  2513 NW 74 Ave 
Tigertail Place Unit 101
Coral Plaza Unit 1107
Commodore Club East Unit 703 
3527 Vista Court
Office 240 Crandon Blvd Unit 285
Commodore Club East Unit 512
228 SW 23rd Road
Office 1221 Brickell Ave Unit 902
Key Colony Oceansound Unit 205
Commodore Club East Unit 209 
Grapetree Townhomes Units 304, 412, 312
155 Sunrise Dr Unit 3A 
Le Phare Unit 37 

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What Every Parent Secretly Needs

Be completely honest with yourself. As a parent, you do feel or have felt...Worry, Guilt, Frustration, Loss, Confusion, Fear, Hopelessness, Anxiety, and Concern? These are the feelings and emotions that all parents will have to some degree or another. If we are totally sincere, these powerful emotions are felt by every human being at different points in our life to some level and for some period of time. A human that becomes a parent will experience a massive expanse to those negative feelings.
Parenting is a huge responsibility. Arguably, it’s the most important responsibility or job of humanity. A job that comes with zero internships. Nor does it come with real honest to goodness training grounded in human development understanding. We parents must try to figure out how to communicate to an "adult under construction" that comes with no instruction manual. Parents do their best, with little knowledge of behavior motives, to guide and teach their child relationship skills. God knows they are doing their best in preparing their child for adulthood. Yet, most parents feel inadequate to do the job. The feeling of being overwhelmed is one that starts shortly after we bring that firstborn home and they cry for something we can't understand. Over time, as is the case with pain endurance, we learn to live with this and the other feelings associated with parenthood. The odd thing about our parenthood journey is that most parents don't recognize they have a place they are headed. That place is at the end of the timeline of parenthood when you shift responsibilities. Your child is now an adult. As they maneuver through their adulthood journey with the likely hood that one day they'll begin their own parenthood journey, we will look back at our time as parents, questioning whether we have prepared them for life and for parenthood. And that self-judgment can range from super harsh to "Que Sera, Sera". Meanwhile, when we look at our society as a whole, our collective scorecard is trending deeper towards failing.
As parents, we have raised a world of human beings that are unhealthy, trending towards more sickly. We are overweight and obese. We are mentally and emotionally more damaged. We take far too many prescription drugs. Illegal drugs are also being taken by more of us. Addictions to plethora of things that serve us far more harm than good, also on the rise. Division amongst humans has deepened. We are losing respect, problem-solving skills, person to person connection, and morals.
Mass killings, along with an assortment of criminal behavior, has resulted in an ever-increasing rate of human incarceration. Mental and emotional illness is climbing. The list of "what is wrong" in this world grows. And at the end of the day, parents raised these people. Collectively, we are not doing a good job of parenting because parents have not been supported with the skills training required for humans to behave better.
Welcome to a new reality. As the world deals with an external enemy known as COVID-19, we have an opportunity. The world will operate differently for an indefinite period of time. We can look at our human scorecard and decide to chart a different course by enrolling in courses that will change the trajectory of civilization. You can elect to become more educated and better skilled at doing life. You can choose to become a better human being by learning self-improvement skills. You can become a better parent by taking on-line parenting and family dynamics courses like the series "Help Me I'm A Parent". You can become a student of life mastery and become the best version of you, which includes being a better model for any child and for every human being.
Make the choice to enroll at Star Family Coaching.
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The Magic, Illusion & Unbelievable Truth of Youth League Sports
Looking at the culture of Youth League Sports and the relationship between adults and children is merely a microcosm of the misunderstanding adults have about what children need. The reasons why parents and coaches are miscommunicating and the impacts of these misunderstandings are exposed in this book. There are valid reasons why we have gotten it wrong for so long. There is layer upon layer of illusions illustrated within these pages that explain why it is we can not see the truth. It is as if a grand Magician is performing the perfect illusion yet the magician turns out to be us and we don't even know it. 

The Magic, Illusion and Unbelievable truth details over 40 assumptions based perceptions, that cause Coaches and Parents to believe they are doing the right and the best thing for children. And the Unbelievable truth that despite the mountain of data, years of science made available to the public that proves that we are not close to doing the right or best by our children, we still due to these illusions, continue to behave in ways that do more harm than help. 

This book details the history of Youth Sports, back to a time when we did do the right and best thing for children, through the period of when we changed our focus and things began to go wrong. It looks at various models used over the past 150 years of youth league sports. And it highlights the ongoing debate between specialization versus diversification. 

We use resources from over 150 sources- research, polls, studies, expert opinions, articles written by the leading experts in child sports interaction. These studies are backed by some of the biggest institutions in the world. From Ivy League schools to the Carnegie Insititute. Michigan State University, George Washington University, and the University of Calgary are merely three of the dozens that have public reports that were used for the making of this book. The Aspen Insititute, the Women's Sports Foundation and a number of US Goverment departments also make up much of the content of this book. This book is NOT opinion based. It is fact-based. And the unbelievable truth is that even with facts, people we still choose to do the wrong thing and even more unbelievable is that they will choose the wrong thing for their children. This shocking almost absurd truth flies in the face of how we would imagine parents behave. As parents, we want the best for our children yet, in general, we seem ill-prepared to be parents and certainly, we are misguided about how to direct our children when it comes to many areas of their life including youth sports. 

The good news is that there are proven effective methods available to us, and we have many examples that go all the way back to the birth of youth sports to guide us. Today there places in the world where massive change has occurred and the results have been magical. A good kind of Magical. 

So come find out what how we can do better by our children. Pick up a copy of the Magic, Illusion & Unbelievable Truth of Youth League Sports and help us change our behavior for the better.
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Ronda Fuchs, Psy.D.
is a Licensed Psychologist, Collaborative Divorce Facilitator, Qualified Parent Coordinator, Guardian Ad Litem, and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.
Dr. Fuchs, who has been in private practice in Miami Beach, Florida for the past 20 years, treats individuals, couples, and families for issues such as: marital conflict, divorce, depression, anxiety, stress and anger management, interpersonal relationships, parenting challenges, and grief counseling.

She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Florida Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and the Collaborative Family Law Institute of Miami.
Dr. Fuchs can be contacted by email at or through her website:
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