What a difference
2 weeks makes! 

It was only 2 weeks ago
that  I was preparing for the MAKEUP EVENT  on March 7th, which  was very successful and thank you to all who attended!

I continue to get orders  every day (thank you!) and wanted to let you all know that Lily's is able to ship and  I have stock of most items  if interested.

Sooner or later I will be OUT of stock, so if you have a favorite product you'd like to purchase,
I am here to do so.

There will most certainly be a lapse for me to receive more stock, so I have what I have.

You can always call me to place your orders and feel free to leave a message if I don't pick up: 508.747.7546

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these natural products from the Black Forest in Germany. Contains plant extracts from certified organic farming.

Washing your hands AND face is key!  CLICK
on the images below to read more and order.
Absolute Cleanser      Designed for mature,
aging, sensitive skin. It
is a silky-soft and creamy emulsion that provides deep and thorough cleansing, penetrating deep down
into your pores.
$60.00 (5.07 oz.)
LL Cleanser
 Contains p otent anti-oxidants including
Calendula, Echinacea and Hibiscus Extracts. P
owerful extracts from St. John's Wort and Chamomile improve the skin's moisture content and reduces moisture loss. 
$44.00 (5.07 oz.)
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these mineral-rich products from the Dead Sea in Israel! 

These products contain Dead Sea Minerals,
Dead Sea Plants and Dead Sea Vitamins, rich in Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Iron.

After washing your hands all day long,
maybe you need a good Hand Cream?
Ahava Mineral Hand Cream  

Made with nutrient-rich
Dead Sea Water, Minerals, Plants and smoothing Witch Hazel. Replenish your hands with 21 essential Minerals, including Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium for
an instant boost of hydration. $24.00 (3.4 oz.)
Ahava Dermud Hand Cream

This Hand Cream is
for the driest of hands.
Includes Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin 
E and Jojoba Oil
to seal in moisture. Results
in extremely soft and 
youthful looking hands.
$30.00 (3.4 oz.)

  Cactus & Pink Pepper
Hand Cream

Has a refreshing Cactus & Pink Pepper scent. Absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. Made with nutrient-rich Dead Sea Water and 21 essential Dead Sea Minerals, including Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Aloe Vera and soothing Witch Hazel. $24.00 (3.4 oz.)
Hand Cream 
Has a refreshing Sea-Kissed scent. Absorbs quickly without feeling greasy.
Made with nutrient-rich
Dead Sea Water and 21 essential Dead Sea Minerals, including Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Aloe Vera  and soothing Witch Hazel. $24.00 (3.4 oz.)

Age Perfecting Hand Cream SPF 15

Counteract visible signs of aging on your hands with this multi-benefit Hand Cream with SPF 15. Will reduce the appearance of dark spots and help prevent further UV damage with protective SPF 15.

Natural Hair Care Products
 From Parma, Italy!

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natural hair products.

All Davines products are Sulfate and Paraben-Free,  containing ingredients drawn from a wealth
of herbs, flowers and fruits.
Replumping products contain  Hyaluronic
Acid for those 
who want fuller, stronger hair!

Featured left to right: 
Replumping Shampoo  $29.00 (8.45 oz.),
Replumping Conditioner 
$29.00 (5.07 oz.),
Replumping Hair Filler 
$42.00 (3.38 oz.).

Oi Oil

A refined multi-functional
Oil that provides immediate high shine, smoothness and tames frizz. Ingredients include: Raucou Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and
Fruit Oil. $23.00 (1.6 oz.),
$45.00 (4.56 oz.)
Renaissance Hair Mask
Gives new life to very damaged hair. Restores a healthy look to the hair, giving it shine, softness and nourishment. Perfect for those who use hot tools.
5 different Masks  to choose from!  $10.00 (1.69 oz.)
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about  the NEW Davines products!
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the finest makeup from Milan, Italy!

Maybe a new Lipstick will put a little smile on
your face?  Diego Dalla Palma Shiny Lipsticks are 
an innovative combination of Lipstick and Lip Gloss. Wear alone or under/over Matt Lipstick
to hydrate lips and give a shiny look! $34.00

#141 Cherry

#142 Deep Pink

#143 Coral Red

#147 Light Pink
#148 Brick

#150 Dark Mauve

Diego Dalla Palma offers the BEST, 
beautiful, long-lasting Lipsticks. Click to  
the Diego Dalla Palma page to see them all!

The Stay On Lip Liners were introduced
this year in 6 beautiful colors. We love
how they actually stay on!  
The Stay On Lip Liners are long-lasting Lip Pencils that
have a creamy texture and easily slide onto the lips. $29.00

2 FABULOUS Foundations
were introduced this year!

Nudissimo Foundation

A "frontier" matte foundation that makes the skin look visibly smooth, as though NUDE. Long lasting and provides medium coverage. $59.00 (1 oz.)

Geisha Foundation

Improves the look for a perfectly uniform, relaxed and toned face. Immediately revitalizes the skin, reduces redness and signs of aging. $65.00 (1 oz.)

Blush makes such a difference!  
Formulated with anti-aging Vitamins A and E.
Available in 8 beautiful colors. $42.00

Satin Pink Blush #09

Pastel Pink #11

    Be safe and be well and continue to pray this is over more sooner than later. My very BEST thoughts go to you all,
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