Beth El - The Beaches Synagogue

Dear Fellow Congregants,
Well, it's been a year in coming, and it's finally time.  I officially became President of Beth El on July 1st.  I want to thank all of you who reached out with your well wishes, Neal for grooming me and Rabbi, for being there as.... my Rabbi, as I wrestled with what will these two years bring.
I heard from many of you that you'd like a more regular cadence of communication about what's going on at Beth El.  I know you get the blasts and updates, but one from the President has been requested.  I'll figure out the appropriate cadence, but let's take it one letter at a time.
First, I'd like to ask each of you to get your commitment into us.  PLEASE don't forget to include the $100.00 security charge this year.  Chip Morris, along with the Board, worked diligently to make sure that in the coming year, Beth El would be  funded to do the great things and provide the spiritual resources that we expect. 
We are well under way with the new year, including school registration.  Please make sure your children are registered to attend Sunday school this year.  Our children are the continuation of our beliefs, and those beliefs, prayers, Hebrew language and a framing of what it takes to be a Jew is introduced to our children in our school.
Have you bought your ad for the directory?  Remember we also have the $18.00 Friends and Family lines as well as quarter, half and full page ads that you can purchase.  This is a great source of revenue for Beth El, along with a chance to see who in our business community also supports our beloved synagogue.
Looking forward to seeing you at Beth El in the near future.