Child Foundation worked with Mina Ghofrani to successfully deliver funds that were raised for Radin, a one year old Iranian boy suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Through Facebook and other fundraising platforms, Ms. Ghofrani was able to raise more than $700,000. As trustee, Child Foundation received all Facebook donations and through its OFAC license sent $600,000 to the hospital Radin was admitted to in Belgium.

Child Foundation is currently working to raise funds for  Roham  and  Ali  , two other children affected by SMA. Spinraza, a drug approved by FDA in December 2016, is the only medicine used in treating SMA with promising results in helping to regain muscle movement in patients. However, the medicine is incredibly expensive.

Please donate and help these kids know the joy of movement and life. You can also donate to  Roham 's Facebook fundraiser here  and  Ali  's Facebook fundraiser  here  .