JUNE 2021
Hello summer sunshine! Hello June!
Happy June! It is almost the first day of summer and the Tavon gang is taking full advantage of all the sunny days. If all goes as planned, the mask mandate in King County will be lifted in the next week or so. Everyone will be able to be mask free outdoors however, as currently recommended for school settings, we will continue to require everyone to mask up indoors and while on the vans. We will continue to update our policies per the County and CDC recommendations. 
Tavon will be implementing the Community Inclusion Contract through DDA as of July 1. You can check with your case manager to see if your son or daughter is eligible for this service. Community Inclusion Services are available to individuals who are over 21 years of age and have tried employment services for nine months or more. Check out this link for more information: Community Inclusion. I must add that while we officially start this contract July 1st, we will be putting people on a waitlist until we are able to hire staff. 

Our second Occupational Therapy intern through UW has just started, and her name is Ruby. Ruby is finishing up her Master’s at UW. She will be working in our Specialized Habilitation program doing some individual assessments and staff training. We are so happy to have her! We have also established a relationship with UW Bothell. This past Winter Quarter, we had e-marketing students take on a project for us. Spring Quarter, I worked with a group of business students who helped put together our annual report which will be out later this summer and Marcus worked with two students from the UW Bothell Health Sciences program. We really appreciate this partnership with UW, and it is of great benefit to our program and our members.  

I am looking forward to a happy, healthy summer of togetherness! 

Tips For Making The Most Of Summer In Seattle!
Compile a summer bucket list with a Tavon member!

Write easy-to-do summer activities on an individual piece of paper and put them all in a "summer fun" box! Let the member take turns choosing the summer activity for the week!

Check out an outdoor summer movie!

Summertime means movies on outdoor screens! Click the link below for drive-ins and pop-ups around the Puget Sound!
Free days for state and national parks!

  • August 4th- One year anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act
  • August 25th- National Park Service Birthday
  • September 25th- National Public Lands Day
  • November 11th- Veterans Day
Seattle Events!

  • Lake Union Ice Cream Cruise- June 19th-August 28th
  • Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers- July 4th
  • Plantasia- June 27th- Garden party and entertainment
  • Woodinville Garden Club Tour- July 10th
  • Fremont Dungeness Festival- July 10th
  • Kirkland Summerfest- July 23rd-25th
  • Alki Art Fair- July 24th-25th
Frequently Asked Question
Question: What are the summer essentials to pack in a Tavon member's bag? 

Answer: Here's a list of a few GREAT summertime items that a member might need at Tavon:

  • Spare masks
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Half-day members: Lunch
  • All-day members: Lunch AND Snack
  • A change of clothes. We get wet and messy, especially because spend a lot of time outside!
  • Chapstick. Speaking of chapstick, we have a nourishing, homemade Tavon chapstick available for sale!
  • Sunglasses
Team Spotlight!

Let's introduce you to our wonderful team at Tavon!
Program Staff
Program Director
Summer Program Staff
Recreation Manager
Lifelong Learning Manager
Program Staff
Program Staff
Assistant Program Director
Executive Director
Community Engagement Staff
Program Staff
Gardens Manager
Behavior Specialist
Program Staff
Marketing & Operations Manager
Program Staff
Member Highlight
Our member highlight for June is Blake! Blake comes to Tavon very calm and quiet, but when you connect with him you will get one of the warmest welcomes of your life. When you say hi to Blake he will reply with 10 times the energy. Blake loves the outdoors, and when he is outside you will usually find him with a huge smile that takes up 50% of his face. Blake loves being active, playing sports, and says he is excited to play basketball in the Special Olympics again. Blake makes everyone feel welcome to Tavon with his energetic "HELLO!" and his genuine, contagious grin. We are so happy that Blake is a part of our Tavon family!
Tavon Learning Center is in need of:
  • Small, Medium, & Large Gloves
  • Crayons & Markers
  • Lawn Games and Activities!