Poser Yoga Newsletter Vol3/Issue8
Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

As the last day of August has rolled around, we've got lots to share with you. First things first....

Do you know you're practicing yoga with 'the BEST'?? Port Angeles voted Poser YOGA the Best on the Peninsula , for the second year in a row! We don't take this lightly! You have options, and we are honoured that you choose to practice with us. We offer quality instruction in a supportive, positive environment, and we are so pleased that our hard work and dedication are being recognized within the community. 

Thank you! 
We couldn't have done it
 without you!!

And the question that's been on everyone's mind... 
"When are we  moving to 
the new location?"
Well, we definitely won't be moving by the end of this month, that's for sure! Our goal now is to be in the new space by mid-September. Please stay tuned, and we'll let you know when WE know! 

*FYI: depending on how this all comes together, we might be cancelling classes for a day or two, but for now, we're just working as quick as we can to get it looking like a yoga studio! 

The new address will be 502 W 8th Street, between the bridges.

Please note that we have a few cancellations next week:

MONDAY, SEPT 5 (Labour Day)
all classes are canceled, due to the holiday

QIGONG: Tuesday, Sept 6th - Andy will be away; no class

Read on to learn about our September pass promotion, a few new additions to our schedule, Tracy's whimsical thoughts, inspired by her yoga practice, and our next serving of Beerga!

Thank you for taking a few quick minutes to read the news!
Jenny xxxx


The Unlimited Summer yoga pass ends today, but don't
let that stop your unlimited Yoga!

SEPTEMBER SPECIAL: Unlimited Yoga for $100 ($20 off!)

Purchase an  unlimited monthly pass for the price of a 10-class pass. If you purchase this pass online, use the code SEPT100 to get the discount. This promotion is valid until the end of September... so get it while the gettin's good!

Fit Flow Yoga w/ Sara Shearer

This is a Yoga inspired class. You will see touches of Yoga, and Pilates, plus HIIT (high intensity, interval training) to bring a cardio aspect to your practice. Specific, repetitive movements will train your muscles and give them an opportunity to get into poses that might not be attainable just yet. You will definitely get your sweat on, and with Sara's silly, quirky personality... expect to have a giggle or two!!

Need a little motivation? Sign yourself up online ahead of time, and commit to following it through -- make an investment in YOU!


BEERGA at Barhop!

Join us at Barhop for a fun Yoga flow and stick around afterwards for a refreshing adult beverage!

Head to the event page for more info and to save your spot! If you're not on Facebook, use the Mindbody website and register for BEERGA there or use the MINDBODY app

The next one is THIS Sunday, September 4th
Doors open at 10:30AM, class is at 11AM
$15/person (includes one pint of Barhop's craft beer or a mimosa!)
Ages 18+ are welcome, 21+ for alcohol


Pop-Up Yoga in August

We popped-up around town for the month of August and we were blessed with gorgeous, summer weather every time! We practiced our yoga on the waterfront, at  Common Grounds CafeB+B Family Farm and  City Pier. A big thank you to our hosts, and as well, to all the Yogis who ventured out to the streets of Port Angeles with their yoga mats! We will definitely be doing this again, and if you have a pop-up location in mind, let us know!!


Blue Yoga Mat
'PROP ME UP', by Tracy Fitzwater
Sometimes during a yoga practice, my own body just isn't quite enough to make it into a pose. My arms are too short, my hamstrings are too tight, and the floor is too far away. Bring on the props, the tools of yoga that are meant to help you achieve a pose, and ultimately a successful practice. Using a prop isn't cheating; it's a practical way to get to a pose. So, what do we have available?

Do you consider your mat a prop? I do. I need a little cushioning to save my back from the floor. I see photos of people doing poses on pretty solid surfaces, say a brick patio or a concrete sidewalk, and I wonder why. The catastrophizer in me thinks they might be sorry if they have to come out of the pose in a hurry. I know there are times when I need to step away from the mat, but overall, a good mat is worth its weight in gold! They do have to be broken in, but it's a support I rely on. I have two mats; my blue mat I've had for years, which I got when I bought a long-forgotten yoga video, and a purple Manduka mat, a Christmas gift picked out by my son's girlfriend, Sophia. I use both of them... (full article...)


Good news!! We've added a second Gentle Yoga for Seniors class! And, it's a good thing we did, because the Wednesday class with Midge has already filled up! Join Diane on Thursdays at 2-3PM. Her first session starts September 15th!!

w/ Diane Urbani de la Paz
Thursdays 2-3PM
$55/6 weeks
Are you a senior or do you know one? Ever think of trying yoga? Know someone  who might benefit from Gentle Yoga for Seniors?  Yoga helps promote strength, flexibility, balance, deep breathing, relaxation, and confidence. There's a lot of laughter and fun. Chairs and other props are used, to make the poses work better for aging bodies, and the poses can be tailored to the specific needs and abilities of each student. We look forward to welcoming you (or your beloved senior) into the wonderful world of senior yoga!

September 15-October 20
November 3-December 8

That's it for now... see you on the mat!

Your Yogi Friends at Poser!

Poser Yoga
128 E Front Street
Port Angeles WA

In This Issue

Wedn esdays

This class is for Mamas and their wee babies, 12 months and younger. Rebuild strength, bond with other moms + babies, and learn some fun, Yoga poses you can practice with your bundle of joy! This class was offered as a progressiv e class in the past. It's now a regular class on our drop-in schedule, so share this news with your Mama friends and come give this class a try!


No dance experience is needed. Come and have fun, break a sweat, learn some sweet moves and make new friends! You'll leave with a perma-grin!

This class is taught just like our other classes, the only difference is that our younger Yogis are invited to attend. No games, no family partnering situations, no noisy children running around - just yoga! Anyone who wants to practice is welcome!   

Poser Yoga Gift Certificates

Do you want others to experience  the same great  be nefits fro m Yoga that you do? Give your love d one the gift of health + well-being! We'll be happy to help you at the studio, and you're also able to purchase  online !  


Ther e are  so many wonderful benefits to a regular Yoga practice, and it is very excit ing to watch our Yogis experience this transformation! "I have more  energy , I feel more 
focused , I feel  stronger  in areas of my body I've never been strong before, I feel more co n nected in my  relationships , I feel 
calmI crave  healthy foods, my skin is 
glowing , I  sleep better ." 
Treat yourself to a
1-Month Unlimited Yoga pass and see what a regular practice can 
do for you!!

Ph oto Policy
Occasionally we take pho tos a t t he studio. We understand that there are some who ma y not want to have their photo taken.  Please let  your 
teacher know if this is a 
concern for you. 


"Voices for Veterans is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Washington made up of all volunteers (no paid staff) who are dedicated to assisting the homeless veteran population on the north Olympic Peninsula."   -Voices for Veterans website  

Voices for Veterans will be our charity focus for the months of July, August and September. 

Karma Community Flow
Fridays @ 530PM

New Faces :)
The student base at the studio is ever-changing and we are continuously seeing new faces. Some are new to the area and looking for a Yoga studio to call 'home', and others are traveling through and hoping to move their tired, weary, sitting-to-long bones! In the spirit of our friendly, community-feeling vibe at Poser Yoga, please make sure to introduce yourself if you see a new face. Let's help everyone feel welcome and comfortable!

Port Angeles VOTED! 
Poser Yoga offers the " BEST Yoga on the Peninsula, 2016"

Congratulations!! You practice Yoga with THE BEST!! We are extremely proud to hold this title for the second year in a row and we're so excited that Port Angeles recognizes our dedication! We strive to provide quality instruction, in a supportive and positive environment and as a result, our Poser community is a crew of friendly, vibrant, and encouraging individuals! There are many places to practice Yoga in Port Angeles, and we are honoured that you 
choose us!!

Did you Know 'There's an APP fo r Th at?"

Our classes tend to get very busy and  signing yourself into class ahead 
of time is  a great 
habit  to get in to!
Download MINDBODY CONNECT on your smart phone, then search for Poser Yoga. You'll have instant, on-the-go access to our schedule and online store!

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Did you kno w that Poser Yoga has an Instagram account?  Y ou can follow us @poseryogastudios. We will be posting different things like 'Introducing the 8 Limbs of Yoga', teachers + students doing their favourite Yoga poses, fun challenges + contests, upcoming workshops, and more!  Tell your friends to follow us too!! 

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