About Brandon: Brandon is a 15 year old member of the Millard Central Club. He has been a Club member since the fall of 2019. Brandon enjoys his relationships with other teens and staff at the Clubs. "We are able to talk to them about pretty much everything," says Brandon.
Why Brandon Is Our Featured Club Kid: Brandon attends the Club almost every day and is always willing to help. He often asks staff if there's anything he can do for them. Andile, Millard Central Club's S.T.E.M Director, said "Brandon is one I like to call a 'self-starter' where he does things without having to ask. He knows the Club’s expectations and he follows them well."
"Do you look up to anyone in the Clubs?": Brandon looks up to many of the staff members at the Club. "I look up to staff member, Andile. He is a little bit taller than me, he’s got dreads like me, and he tries to keep me on the right track."
Favorite Thing about the Clubs: Brandon loves basketball! He said one of his favorite things about the Clubs is how many basketball games he gets to play. Andile had this to say about Brandon's passion: "Brandon is big into sports, basketball being one of his go to things to do at the Club. Whenever I get a chance to play him, I usually have to show him a thing or two just to let him know I’m not too old to keep up! I recently challenged him to see if he can hit a half court shot for some extra snacks. Well to my surprise, he hit it on the first try. Was it luck? I’m not sure, but he was definitely happy to show off his skills!"

Thank you for being a role model, Brandon!