February 2015

Welcome to our first email newsletter for 2015!  All of us at Competitive Edge - meaning me, Paul, our three boys, and of course Kayenta, the clinic greeter - hope that this coming year is your best ever. 

Tweaked Muscle? Have some RICE!
Shoveling snow, skiing or snowboarding, or just doing chores around the house can all lead to strained or pulled muscles.  If you've tweaked something, remember to add RICE to your life - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  

There are so many opinions especially regarding when to use ice and when to use heat. You will hear: for the 1st 24, 48 or 72 hours, use ice then after that use heat. unfortunately, there is no cookbook for which temperature to use.  

My rule of thumb: use ice whenever you have pain and/or swelling.  For example, you had knee surgery 2 months ago and during normal daily activities you are feeling pretty good. But then you go skiing for the 1st time and you are sore afterward.  In this instance (2 months later) you would use ice. You will decrease your soreness and prevent swelling and more pain the next day. 

Always ice with your limb elevated (obviously you won't elevate your back, etc) for 20-30min. Put a thin towel, sock or pillowcase between your skin and the ice pack and secure with an elastic wrap or towel, giving a little compression.  You will feel a series of sensations: 1st COLD, then Burning, then Aching, then Numbness. When you're numb, you're Done. 

You will use heat when you are stiff or tight, 30min with a thin layer between you and the heat source. Moist heat is more effective than dry heat.  Stop if you feel any burning. 

Balance Boards and Step Boxes for sale

Balance boards and step boxes for sale through Competitive Edge, hand-made by my son David who is raising money for his upcoming service trip to Tanzania (where he will work and teach at an orphanage). 


These boards are of solid construction with non-skid surfaces. Excellent for rehabilitation and strengthening (and yes, doing your home exercises!).  The balance board and step boxes are a great way improve your function and mobility, balance and stability, vertical jump, skiing, hiking...


Balance boards measure 12" by 12" and have non-slip strips.  $15.00


Step boxes come in sets of three, one each measuring 4" tall, 6" inches tall and 8" inches tall.  They nest inside each other for easy storage and also feature non-slip surfaces.  

$70.00 for a set of three.  


Also sold separately: 4inch step $20, 6inch step $25 and 8inch step $30. (10inch, 12inch or higher available also)

call David directly at 331-5231 or the clinic: 329-5549.


Insurance Update
We accept most insurances in Eagle County, including:
  • Aetna/Cofinity
  • Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Assurant Health
  • Cigna
  • CNIC
  • Medicare
  • Rocky Mountain Health Plan
  • TriCare
  • UMR
  • United HealthCare
  • Colorado Health Op
If yours isn't listed, let us know - we'll work with you and your insurance company.
Refer and Receive!
Send me a new patient referral, and receive a Competitive Edge coffee mug.  This offer is good from now through February 28, so start referring! (new patient must complete at least 3 visits)

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