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What's The Difference Between a Will and a Trust?
There are two major differences between a Will and a Trust. With a trust, the trustee does not have to go to probate court, a nd can make asset transfers without court supervision. 
On the other hand, an executor of a will must file the will in probate court and transfer assets through the probate process. Accordingly, a trust may save the estate money by not having to pay out probate costs. The second major difference is that, in Florida, when a will gets probated, the will and other court documents become public records. In a trust, this does not occur, making a trust a desirable option for individuals who value privacy.
Check out our Probate video here .
Why flat fees are good for the client!
At Braun & Associates, we use flat fees almost exclusively. Here are just a few of the reasons that flat fees are good for our clients:

Flat Fees Align the Attorney’s Interests with the Client’s Interests: Once a flat fee is set and agreed upon, the attorney’s sole incentive is to complete the work. 
Flat Fees Create Predictability for the Client: The worst feature of hourly billing is the monthly surprise a client experiences upon receiving and reviewing a bill from an attorney.
Flat Fees, in Most Instances, Save the Client Money: For example, many probate lawyers charge the client a percentage of the estate which can range from $10,000 - $150,00. Our flat fee rates can be a fraction of that cost.
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