Winter 2019 Newsletter
Say Hello to Generations
Here in Michigan, we're in the midst of one of the snowiest winters ever. When we're not out skiing and snowshoeing in the "fresh pow" you'll find us steadily working on  Generations  to continue bringing you the features and benefits you've come to expect. Meet some of the members of Team G, from left to right: Julie, Seth, Lynne, Mike, Lisa, Lance, Tim, Erica, Siva and Kevin C.  We'll be showcasing the others in future newsletters. We're so proud of our team!
Homecare providers remain focused on how personally identifiable information is collected and stored for applicants, employees and the clients they serve. Security and privacy features in Generations at a glance are: 
  • In-system messaging which encrypts and stores the entire chain of communication between office users and caregivers. 
  • Online forms for job applicants and service inquiries. 
  • Better and more complex password rules for office users, caregivers, clients and family members.
  • Masking of social security numbers (and social insurance numbers for Canadian users) for non-Admin users.
  • Lock out after a user defined number of incorrect login attempts.
  • Automatic sign-out after 5 minutes of inactivity on the mobile app and additional Admin controls for web browser inactivity.
  • Secure documentation of service including completed tasks, date, time and location of service, names of recipient and provider (Generations GPS visit verification/telephony service required).
  • Electronic Signatures via mobile app or a voice signature via the telephone.
We've rolled out a half a dozen significant updates over the winter. Here's a recap of the major items:

HHAeXchange - interface for Pennsylvania and Florida Medicaid providers. Many agencies reporting success with claims submission and remittance.
Santrax Interface in Ohio - steady progress with additional states to follow where Santrax is the aggregator of data for Medicaid services.  

Secure Messaging and Alerts - say good bye to email, text, fax and even potentially missed phone calls with Generations secure in-app messaging.

City minimum wage controls make it easy to assign wages that are at least the city minimum wage where care is provided. 

Improved mobile app design and use through better calendar displays, button layouts and more.

After an extensive and comprehensive assessment of privacy and security practices, the parent company of Generations, Integrated Database Systems (IDS), has re-earned the TrustArc Privacy Shield Certification. This TrustArc certification demonstrates the commitment IDS has to advancing the privacy and security practices within the homecare industry. This is the fifth consecutive year IDS has earned the TrustArc Privacy Shield Certification.
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