September 3, 2021 Edition

Due to the significant rise in COVID/Delta Variant cases, Unity of Wimberley has temporarily returned to ONLINE-ONLY Sunday services, children's church, classes and business meetings. Like you, we are frustrated and sad that we're here again, but we know we will get through this together.
The health and safety of our entire community is our first priority.
We continue to monitor infection, hospitalization and death rates in Hays County and surrounding areas as well as the latest scientific research on the coronavirus.
Please follow our numerous communication platforms (website, mobile app, Facebook page, Resource Group, newsletter and email blasts) for the latest updates.
Please continue to know with us that God is everywhere present, always.

Eric Butterworth tells us, “The whole of God-substance is present in its entirety at every point in space at the same time.” Is your mind blown yet?! In order to experience the abundance of life, the first step is to align ourselves with this knowledge and experience. This means that our awareness must “sync” itself with God-life in all ways, as much it can and at all times! Stay tuned for your realignment with Divine Substance! 
Youth Church Meets ONLINE
Sundays at 10:00 am CDT

The Unity of Wimberley Youth and Families program facilitators are once again holding Youth Church on ZOOM ONLY! Please CLICK HERE to join these fun and inspiring sessions! We thank you for your patience as we continue to do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy!
"The Evolution of Prayer"

Our guest speaker this Sunday is Unity of Wimberley Chaplain Aida Pierson. She introduces her talk this way:
"The word 'prayer' comes from the Latin word precari (to ask earnestly, beg, or entreat). My childhood prayers were full of begging and entreating. I didn't feel worthy. I wasn't always good. So why would God pay any attention to me? Many of us start off praying in this way. Luckily, life or Grace moves us in a better direction. Join me as I share the story of my evolution from Entreating prayer to the Affirmative praying that I practice in Unity today. It has changed my life and created the loving relationship with God that I now know was mine all along." 
Dear Friends,
Wednesday night’s Zoom class, the first of eight studying “Spiritual Economics,” revealed the continuing need that we have to connect with one another. What a comfort it is to open our hearts a little and to feel seen by others! What a way to experience God through that presence in them! I know how difficult it has been to be without the physical presence of our companions in this spiritual community. That we have been skillfully learning how to live our more isolated lives during a pandemic hardly makes up for the longing we have to be with each other. Even if you are distant from Wimberley or prefer a more introverted way of living, we have all been affected by the physical (and political) distancing that has been visited upon us. We have probably taken for granted the rituals of celebrating and grieving---it is normal and traditional to do these with each other!
There have been many changes and passages in our church and that we’ve not been able to process in person. The closing of the doors March 2020, and again just recently (and temporarily). The closing of the pool in order to preserve aquifer waters. The cessation of most of our social activities. The rise of online-only services and classes. The death of beloved congregants. The loss of loved ones to COVID and other causes. The birth of babies. Birthdays and weddings and anniversaries. World events that beg for collective perspective and understanding.
And now we are holding our collective breaths as COVID rapidly moves through children, teachers, and staff in schools. IT’S A LOT. To that end:
Keep an eye out for the upcoming date for the Zoom meeting that will allow you the opportunity to connect with more people that you know and love, have your say about how Unity of Wimberley can serve you best, and process some of the BIG feelings that you’ve had over the last 18 months. You will receive some questions in advance for your consideration and to add some direction and structure to the meeting. And don’t worry, if you can’t make it (or don’t prefer screens), you will be able to weigh in via email!
In the meantime, much love and many blessings,

Rev Jill
Upcoming Events

Visit to register for the Zoom opening ceremony and activities throughout this special annual event!

Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting - Monday September 21 via ZOOM
Meetings are open to all at 5:45pm CDT. To request a link to the meeting, please email our business office. To bring an item for discussion before the board, please email Board President Chip Slade to be added to the agenda.
Author Eric Butterworth says that if you are drawn to this class, it is by divine appointment! So join us for this 8-week class on one of the great classics in New Thought. In this class facilitated by Rev. Jill Carey, we will discuss and learn how to:
-Work with the flow of life, instead of against it
-Develop a prosperous attitude about money, health, and love
-Achieve true security
-Create abundance through the power of giving
Having studied and taught this material many times in the past, Rev. Jill assures us that it will dismantle old, brittle thinking and bring freedom that you might not have imagined!

Sacred Vibes Yoga with Jan McGowan
Every Saturday at 10am CDT

Grab your mat and login HERE!

Jan combines gentle Hatha yoga moves with the healing sounds of tuned, quartz crystal bowls in a joyful, stress-relieving experience!
Love offerings for this class benefit Unity of Wimberley!
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