October 1, 2021 Edition

Three Options for Attending:

Help us speed up the check in process by arriving early and emailing your proof of vaccination card ahead of time!!

Doors open at 10:30am

We are asking children and vulnerable adults to watch the livestream service from home.

Rev Jill Carey 
“Healing From Crisis” 
"At the center of every crisis is an inner space so deep, so beckoning, so suddenly and daringly vast, that it feels like a universe, feels like God. When the unthinkable happens, and does not relent, we fall through our hubris, toward an inner flow, an abiding and rebirthing darkness that feels like home."
~ Rev. Dr. Barbara A Holmes
Youth Church Meets ONLINE
Sundays at 10:00 am CDT

The Unity of Wimberley Youth and Families program facilitators are once again holding Youth Church on ZOOM ONLY! Please CLICK HERE to join these fun and inspiring sessions! We thank you for your patience as we continue to do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy!

Rev Kit Holmes
“Going Further Together” 
An African proverb reminds that “alone we can go faster, together we can go further.” While the work to grow spiritually is uniquely and solely ours to do, we don’t ever really do it alone. This week, as we prepare for a H.U.G. (Help Unity Grow) meeting, let’s investigate how we – individually and collectively – engage with our spiritual community.
Dear Friends,
Oh my, how much we have gone through since spring of last year! I have a feeling that it will take years for us to grasp fully the impact that the pandemic has had on all of us. And that’s not to say that it’s all over. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that life is more changeable than we might have previously thought---and that we have the capacity to change with it, whether we want to or not!
The loss of “church as we know it” has been difficult. Losing the anchor of familiarity has been difficult. Not seeing each other, our village, regularly has been difficult. When I use the word “difficult,” I am also implying that these things are worthy of our acknowledgment, worthy of our grief. The topics for the next couple of Sundays will speak to this, so I encourage you to come join us in our reopened in-person services, or join online if you cannot or choose not to come. In order to address our losses, our sadness, our anger-born-from-sadness-and-fear, it is important to our healing, individually and collectively, to be with each other and share our experiences. It is equally important that we have a place to share our insights and joys. Therefore, we are holding an event to which all are welcomed:
H.U.G. (“Help Unity Grow”) Meeting on Wednesday, Oct 13 at 6pm CDT.
Live in-person and interactive Livestream. Prompts for reflection and to help focus the discussion will be sent to you prior to the meeting. If you are unable to attend, you will be able to email your responses. Those watching the livestream will be able to text questions to us in real-time as the meeting unfolds.
Unity of Wimberley will never be exactly as it was before. Hardly anything is! But together we can build on everything good that is grounded in Spirit, and we can forge a new vision together.

I hope you’ll be part of that.
Many blessings and much love,
Rev. Jill

H.U.G. (Help Unity Grow) Meeting - Wednesday, Oct 13 - 6pm
IN-PERSON and Interactive Livestream
"We wrestle not against outward things but against inward ideas and beliefs. The power of darkness is the power of false belief and superstition. If a man can change his inner concept, his whole life will be changed. All cause is from within, all effect is forever without."
~ Rev. Dr. Ernest Holmes
Author Eric Butterworth says that if you are drawn to this class, it is by divine appointment! So join us for this 7-week class on one of the great classics in New Thought. In this class facilitated by Rev. Jill Carey, we will discuss and learn how to:
-Work with the flow of life, instead of against it
-Develop a prosperous attitude about money, health, and love
-Achieve true security
-Create abundance through the power of giving
Having studied and taught this material many times in the past, Rev. Jill assures us that it will dismantle old, brittle thinking and bring freedom that you might not have imagined!

YOU Update!

At the end of July, our YOU (Youth of Unity) Regional Officers Faith Calvanese, Grace Calvanese, and Kasun Phillips had the opportunity to plan and lead the Legacy Rally in Fort Worth. After a long year and a half they were finally able to meet in person! The reunion was attended by more than 45 Youth from across the South Central Region. Marianne Calvanese represented as a sponsor along with Ben Pierson, Dylan Ebs, and Cassily Crumley. The rally was an amazing experience full of connection, dancing, singing, fun and art. We are so proud to announce that Dylan Ebs has been chosen to be a Regional Officer this next year! 
Dylan says, "I am so honored to have the opportunity to serve as a regi for the Unity South Central Region. Unity and the Y.O.U program have made such a positive impact in my life. I'm so excited to pay it forward by planning rallies and stepping up as a leader for the Y.O.U community in the South Central Region." Way to go, Dylan!
Sacred Vibes Yoga with Jan McGowan
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Jan combines gentle Hatha yoga moves with the healing sounds of tuned, quartz crystal bowls in a joyful, stress-relieving experience!
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