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Ready for a Pop-Up?
Two mighty food forces
join efforts for a night of deliciousness!!!

While we are planning our future endeavors, fellow
chefs and restaurant friends, like Dimitra Tsourianis,
have offered their restaurant homes to us.

Dimitria is a young, nice, hardworking lady and the
owner of Daddy Jones, in Somerville. She heard of our
little place while she worked at the Liberty Hotel with
another special friend of ours who loves her baby burritos!
They work together at Daddy's now.

A pop-up is an event where one restaurant"pops"
in at another location. We got to talking and things
are ready to have You over for dinner!
That night I will make a 4-course Mexican meal and
Dimitria will create drinks to go along with the food.

My friends, I am excited!
This is going to be fun, I tell you.
The best part is that I'll get to see you.
Because to be honest I miss you all a whole lot.

Villa M�xico & Daddy Jones' Mexican Pop-Up!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013.
Two dinner times: 6:30p.m. and 8:30p.m.
One ticket per-person includes dinner, fees,
gratuity. There will be a cash bar.
Because Daddy Jones is closing that night to let us
take over the kitchen, we have a capacity.
When tickets sell out, they sell out!

Aside from this exciting event that I am really
looking forward to my friends, I have been busy with
letter of intent meetings and researching other ideas.
It has been honestly wonderful to see some
of you and share lunches or have as visits.

I appreciate you keeping in touch my dears, truly.
It hasn't been easy to be without my little shop.
I am used to my people all around me, everyday,
but this night will be special :)

I hope you like this news and that I see you there!!!!