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June 2022
Photo credit: C. Snook, 2022
Dear SML Community,

Whoa, I got choked up on the dock under a glorious summer sky Wednesday morning as I said goodbye to SML’s Director of Operations - the legendary - Mike Rosen. With a career that stretches beyond a decade and across all things Shoals, Mike has made a big positive impression on SML. He has mentored countless staff members in their careers, taught heaps of engineering students about sustainability, done a lot of science above and below the water, and helped transform the infrastructure and programs of SML for the good of all.
There are few staff members who have engaged with and had such a positive influence on so many aspects of SML. He is famous for his calm and steady disposition and when I met him, I knew right away he was the perfect fit for an at-sea field operation.

He has lead the summer staff with deep knowledge of the cycles of the seasons on island that beautifully allows him to forecasts and get ahead of issues before they even emerge. Take for example, his knowledge of prevailing weather patterns which has served him well with boat schedules and field trip suggestions for courses.

Speaking of boats, I have ridden with him at the helm in some rather dramatic seas and never doubted for a minute that I was safe and even having fun. I remember during my first summer on the island, a hurricane was threatening our shores and Mike was on it. He tracked the heck out of that weather system, we crafted communications to worried parents, and I knew we were ready (it shifted offshore in the end).

Shoals, and I personally, have been so lucky to have worked with Mike for so many years. I often describe him of having my back and SML’s back. This gift of steady reliability mixed with capacity to deal with all the random stuff that pops up is one Mike doles out in spades and we have all been so grateful for.

I know I am not alone is saying that I am going to miss Mike a lot. Mike, we wish you fair winds and following seas as you sail into your next chapter.

P.S. We are currently working on hiring a new Director of Operations and hope to have one on board later this summer.
Warm wishes,
Jennifer Seavey, Ph.D.
Kingsbury Executive Director
Shoals Marine Laboratory
Students Celebrate World Oceans Day
June 8th marked the United Nations holiday World Oceans Day. To celebrate, we challenged our students and staff to think about why the oceans matter. They came up with some great responses!
Our Internship Programs are underway
Each summer, we host two different internships: SURG (Shoals undergraduate research group) and SEI (sustainable engineering interns). We currently have both groups on the island and they're already working hard and achieving great things!

Each SURG student is researching a different topic in marine science. These range from seabirds to parasites to fisheries to marine mammals. SEI interns work to improve our green grid and keep the island running. Their projects center around wind power, solar power, composting toilets, reverse osmosis, rainwater catchment, and more.

Make sure to follow us on social media to get updates about what the interns are up to!
Join us for our weekly Rock Talks
Every Tuesday night for the summer season, we host our longstanding seminar series "Rock Talks." Our presenters from around the world speak on a wide range of topics related to natural history, ecology, biology, and more.

Our Rock Talks are open to the public via Zoom. If you'd like to see what talks are coming up and register for free, click here.

Missed any of our sessions this summer? Watch the recordings on our YouTube Channel.
Sign up for one of our Public Programs!
Registration for 2022 overnight public programs is OPEN and we can't wait to welcome you to the island.

What to learn about the ocean ecosystems surrounding Shoals? Explore the Shoal Ecology program for adults! This is the perfect program for adults who have never been to the Isles of Shoals, and for those who want to return to their island ecology roots.

Learn about the seabirds of the Isles of Shoals, including nesting terns and two species of gulls during the ornithology section of the program. Discover the Duck Island seal colony and search for whales during the marine mammals section, and explore the full range of ocean ecosystem topics during the ecology section.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at We look forward to hosting you on Appledore this summer!
Shoals Marine Laboratory is a joint partnership between
Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire.