Help! A Crisis May Be Right Around The Corner!
Are We Ever Ready for Bad News? 

The phone rings, and you are happy to hear from the person .... But immediately the tone of the conversation shifts when you are told that a crisis has occurred. No leader wants to hear bad news especially if someone has been injured or traumatized or if the charity, not-for-profit or business will be impacted negatively.
At Plan to Protect® we are often contacted by our members when a crisis occurs. It doesn’t matter where Melodie is – she immediately jumps to the aid of our members. We count it an honour to
be called to walk this journey with you. No one should go through a traumatic event alone.
As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” At Plan to Protect® we recommend you plan for the future, knowing “not if but when a crisis will occur.” In this newsletter we have provided you many resources and tips for addressing difficult scenarios.
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If you are not a member of Plan to Protect®, you are missing out on having Plan to Protect® as a phone number to call when a crisis occurs. Our members receive email and phone call customer service and support. Memberships begin as low as $225. 

Along with email and phone support, membership packages include:
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Question: Recently on an outreach to our community one of our staff members was assaulted. Both the staff member and the volunteers present were really shaken up from the event. What should we do in the aftermath of such an event?

Answer: We are so sorry this happened to your staff member and within your community.

As much as you desire to do community outreach, care, and development, probably one of the best things you can do is to immediately report the assault to law enforcement and seek medical care.

We would also recommend you complete an Incident Report form noting the date, time, events leading up to the assault, what transpired, and any injuries that occurred. Include the names of individuals involved and any witnesses... READ MORE
August Special
Crisis Response and Management Course Register one person and
get the second person half off!
Recommended for Board Members, Trustees and Senior Leaders.

It’s something no organization or leader wishes to think about or indeed has time to contemplate. But in today’s frenzied world it is likely that you and your organization will one day come face to face with a crisis of one kind or another. It’s not a question of if; it’s a question of when.
In the Crisis Response and Management Certification Course participants will learn how to respond and manage a crisis.
As a result of this course, you will:
  • Learn about preparing for a crisis and the role of the Board and the need-to-know individuals.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the value of navigating interactions with the media well and learn how to respond in a crisis when the media comes knocking.
  • Understand the legal requirements for reporting and responding to abuse of children and vulnerable adults.
  • Assist and support volunteers and staff in reporting and responding to abuse.
  • Examine best practices for documenting a crisis.
  • Identify and develop a strong crisis response plan.
  • Analyze how crisis can be avoided in the first place and develop concrete policies for protection and prevention.
  • Recognize the value of internal investigations while understanding when you should do them and begin identifying procedures for how your organization will do internal investigations.
During the month of August, register for the Crisis Response and Management Course and you will receive a discount code to gift 50% off the cost of a second registration. 

Note: Member discounts apply on the first registration. No additional discounts apply when using the 50% discount code. Discount code expires on August 31, 2021.

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Special Interest: Safeguarding Series -
Safe Adventures in the Outdoors
August 12, 2021 @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm Eastern Time
Field trips and off-site programs are often a highlight for children and youth especially when they are in nature. They provide fun, unique experiences that foster growth and positive relationships.

However, these types of adventures can create increased risk for children, youth and leaders. Consider how hikes, difficult terrain, animals, and severe weather should be planned for.

Join Amber Tompkins and learn how to provide the best, safe, and fun experience by having a Plan to Protect®.
August 12, 2021
8:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time

This webinar is great for individuals and groups who need to be refreshed in Plan to Protect® policies and procedures.

Click Here for details and registration.
August 14, 2021
1:00pm - 3:30pm Eastern Time

Join us for this 2 hour orientation training covering awareness of abuse and so much more!

Click Here for details and registration.
August 17, 2021
12:30pm - 1:00pm Eastern Time

This is a complimentary webinar. Register to participate LIVE with Q&A time, or to receive access to an instant replay.

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August 19, 2021
2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Time

A one-hour seminar designed to raise the awareness of Elder Abuse. During this community event, we will learn what Elder Abuse is, how to recognize and respond to it, and valuable strategies to prevent Elder Abuse from happening. Everyone is welcome! Let's plan to protect!

Click Here to register. 

Our Plan to Protect® Masterclass: Serious About Safety Workshop is August 23rd!
Plan to Protect® Orientation Training
for Board Members and Trustees
September 14, 2021
7:30pm - 9:00pm Eastern Time

 This training is modified for Board Members and Trustees and meets the requirement of insurance companies for initial and refresher training.

Click Here for details and registration.
Mark your calendars for a mini Online Conference
Thursday, October 28th
10:30am– 4:30pm Eastern Time.

More details to come in the September newsletter!

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