Help voice your concern for social justice - our students' super hero images don't belong on top of bird feces
Murals Begin and Bird Nests Remain
After month long delays, the wall's condition remains unresolved
Let's Make Sure Birds Don't Defecate on Student Dreams

The West Street wall was power cleaned a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the mural, however the construction of the pigeon guards or metal mesh that would keep the wall clean from further bird droppings were never put up. The ground, stoplight and wall continue to accumulate feces as the mural team of the Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project begins to paint the West Oakland Middle School student's stories. The muralists now have to navigate among this filth.

The students, teachers, artists, and community members have worked too hard to see this project not be recognized as an asset to Oakland and within the arts movement. Initially the mural was slated to go up last Spring and then had to be pushed back to now, due to unforeseen delays. 

Too often communities of color in the flat lands of Oakland are granted resources from the Department of Law Enforcement, rather than those that cultivate beauty and sanitation. It is an extremely powerful message to send to our young people, that we as a community and city support their dreams and hopes and are willing to provide the means to bring those to fruition. This delay in safeguarding the walls from pigeon nests and cleaning the wall thoroughly sends the opposite message. Help us galvanize support to address this immediately and honor the images from youth!

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A mural this vast is expensive to install, and we are still about $10,000 short.  Funds raised will be used to purchase high quality materials, and to pay our artists for the hundreds of hours required to produce murals of this scale.  Now we need the community's help to come up with the remaining funds so we can complete this community project by October 9, 2015!
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