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Take Care Paying Your Caregivers 


Whether we make the return to work after parental leave because we want to or have to, there's no doubt about it: choosing the right childcare for our kids can be a daunting task. 


But in hiring a nanny, we create an administrative and financial responsibility: paying and taxing our nannies fairly and accurately. 


Visit Help!'s Nanny Services category to explore childcare and childcare payment options to make sure you're dotting your i's and crossing your t's -- correctly.

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Tax4Nanny LogoMake Paying Your Nanny Simpler


If you employ a nanny, you've probably been faced with the complicated task of trying to calculate payroll deductions and budgeting for monthly childcare.  


Gila Ossip, Chartered Accountant and Founder of Tax4Nanny has some tips to help make things simpler:

Net Vs. Gross Salary

Make sure your caregiver's gross salary meets or exceeds minimum wage requirements even if you have negotiated a net salary.

Room and Board

You must consider room and board in your payroll calculations if your caregiver lives with you. 

Workman's Safety Registration

Registering with your provincial Workman's Safety Board protects both you and your employee, and may be necessary by law. 

Filing Deadlines

If you employed a caregiver in 2010 you must file a year-end T4 summary with CRA no later than February 28.  

Visit Tax4Nanny online or call 647-349-6262 & take the guesswork and effort out of paying, and filing, your caregiver's taxes.  

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