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Animal Shelter Relief is an ALL-VOLUNTEER 501 (c) (3) California charitable non-profit. Every donation goes
directly to saving the lives of abandoned, homeless and injured animals.

Our mission is to relieve overcrowded open-door animal shelters
through rescue and placement into foster

homes, thereby reducing the euthanasia of homeless cats and dogs.


Happy Summer from Animal Shelter Relief rescue!
A note from Amy Strickland, President and Founder

 Hello Animal Shelter Relief community! As many of you know, we are firmly in KITTEN SEASON. And while it is so much fun to have kittens romping around and making us laugh (ask any foster parent), it is also a lot of work, and a lot of money.  


ASR is committed to rescuing orphaned kittens from our local open-door animal shelters, that do not have the resources to handle the amount of kittens in boxes and carriers that come through their doors every day. As a result,our foster homes are overflowing with kittens. These kittens are often quite sick with viral or bacterial infections when they arrive. In addition, they are usually covered in fleas, ear mites, and are in poor physical health from malnutrition. The expenditure to get these kittens healthy and in adoptable condition far exceeds the adoption fee that we charge. Just good quality food and kitten milk replacer alone for a litter of kittens can be in the hundreds of dollars for one month.  

Then there are antibiotics, eye medications, supplements, de-worming medication, vaccines, blood tests, spay and neuter, microchip, etc. And if they have a serious medical condition like little TenderPaw (whose story you can read in this newsletter), we can easily spend over $500 on an individual kitten.   


This is where you come in...


Please consider making a monetary donation or donating kitten food or other supplies to help us continue to rescue kittens this year. ASR receives no government funding and is not subsidized in any way. We exist solely on adoption fees, donations, and a few small grants each year. We have no brick and mortar shelter and no one receives a salary, therefore almost all of the money we receive goes towards supplies, medical expenses and veterinarian bills.

I have included a list of what we need most below. You can make a donation via Paypal or contact me to donate supplies at; 



In addition, we always need kitten, cat, dog and puppy foster homes. If you're interested send me an email and we can get you started! 


Thank you so much for supporting Animal Shelter Relief and for being a part of our animal welfare community!

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Animal Shelter Relief...
to the rescue!  

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Please consider giving ASR a tax deductible donation to support our work in providing crucial medical care to homeless and rescued animals.





Just a couple of ASR's adoptable cuties.... 




8 month old little baby boy




8 week old pastel Tortie girl



8 week old female brown tiger




1 year old extremely loving boy




9 week old medium-haired angel




3 month old adorable girl




5 year old stunning and cuddly Russian Blue girl




9 week old medium-haired loverboy



3 year old devine DIVA! 



8 week old orange tabby boy 







 For information about adopting any of ASR's adoptable animals,


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Animal Shelter Relief  

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0.5% of every purchase you make will be donated to ASR!


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There are many ways to help Animal Shelter Relief  throughout the year!
Please check out our WISHLIST of needed items as well as more giving ideas on our DONATE page


Wish List for kitten supplies
Every monetary donation is tax-deductible! 

KMR (kitten Milk Replacer) powder formula
Just Born kitten powder formula

Royal Canin Mother and Baby Cat
Royal Canin Kitten
canned and kibble

Tiki Cat and Weruva canned cat food

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 Foster homes needed!
Welcoming a homeless dog or cat, or a litter of kittens into your home and loving them until they find their forever home is such a rewarding experience for families of all shapes and sizes!

  - art by Maverick Gonzales, 6 years old, and an ASR junior foster parent since Spring 2014

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Tenderpaw needs your help!

Little 8 week old Tenderpaw came to us with 5 of her siblings. They were all extremely sick, emaciated, and had terrible eye infections. After a course of antibiotics, eye medications, good food and lots of TLC, in only a week the litter was almost completely healthy.

All except Tenderpaw who has an abscessed eye. She was seen by our local ophthalmologist and put on special topical and oral antibiotics, and anti-viral medications. The hope is that her left eye will not have to be removed. The prognosis for her right eye is excellent.

Won't you donate today to help ASR pay for Tenderpaw's expensive medical bills and care, or to help the next needy kitten that comes along?








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All ASR Adoption Fees Include:

Spay or neuter

Microchip (including registration)

Age-appropriate vaccinations

Felv & FIV testing

Routine treatment for fleas & worms

A free pet wellness exam with local

participating veterinarians  


One free month of pet health insurance 



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